Yay! Haggis Sausage Rolls For Burn’s Night

Straight From The Oven,Rocking Dog

Straight From The Oven

Oops! slight oversight I forgot Burn’s Night! Married to a Scot (oops sorry Andyman not your team!) and being half Scottish myself that’s slightly unforgivable. I spotted a MacSween Haggis in a butchers window and that’s when the penny dropped.

So, the Rocking Dog Huddlers will be offered haggis sausage rolls this evening. I made these golden beauties using an Abel& Cole recipe,credit to my lovely girl Sorrel. However I cheated a little by using ready made Taste The Difference all butter puff pastry. There’s a delicious vegetarian haggis version too for anyone feeling slightly queasy about the offal and entrails involved in the art of haggis making.

Burn’s Night always gives me the opportunity to talk about my Toby Jug folk and to be just a little bit silly… so here goes! Mrs Mack (the present from Fleetwood) has waddled across the mantlepiece, unable to resist the kilted charms of Wee Tam. Poor Toby, his beer swigging ways are not going down well with Mrs Mack (she is a convent girl after all). Toby’s Gout, flatulance, swarthy complexion, beer belly and moobs, she really wants to move on and find out just what Wee Tam wears beneath his kilt. Is he really so wee?!! For The time being she’s just enjoying his ticklin’ and Sean Connery accent. Ooh she’s a wee flirt!

Anyway enough of this nonsense, have a very happy Burn’s Night one and all!

Stop Your Ticklin' Tam!,Rocking Dog

Stop Your Ticklin’ Tam!

3 Thoughts on “Yay! Haggis Sausage Rolls For Burn’s Night

  1. Sorrel on January 25, 2017 at 6:02 pm said:

    Have fun tonight! Wish I could be there. Happy Burns Night everyone! x

  2. I feel guilty now as I’m also married to a Scot… But no Haggis here! I did treat him to a bottle of whisky though so he can enjoy a wee dram this evening. And we are joining friends for a Burn’s supper on Saturday evening, so perhaps I don’t feel too bad!

    • Have a lovely Burn’s Supper at the weekend Gina. I love Haggis. Where is your husband from? Andyman born in Edinburgh but most of his childhood spent Bishop Briggs, Glasgow and then Inverness. My Dad was a borders man from Kelso. Tried to get Andy to move back there a few years ago but he was having none of it! x

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