Tonight! The First Rocking Dog Huddle

Are You Ready To Sew?,Rocking Dog

Are You Ready To Sew?

Last call for the first Rocking Dog Huddle! 7-9pm tonight (sorry about that very cheesy link, for a staunch Rubettes fan I truly was!) at the Rocking Dog Kennel. Come to sew, knit, chat and eat cake. Feel free to have a moan too!

This is no “Great British Sewing Bee” so you won’t be expected to make a pair of Theresa May style leather trousers or a boned bustier! Come with trousers that need hemming, knitting that has been lingering on its needles or another long forgotten project. Shamefully I have an unfinished Kaffe Fassett needlepoint that has been on its frame for the best part of 20 years! Don’t despair if you do come empty handed Rocking Dog has organised some mini projects. Beloved Berlina will be on hand, please treat her kindly!

Of course it’s not all about the sewing. Lovely warming drinks and delicious Rocking Dog cake (this month, Peanut-Butter Squares, thanks Nigella!) will be offered.

A teapot for donations to cover cost of refreshments etc..will be in situ. A proportion of donations will be given to Fine Cell Work, a charity that teaches embroidery and needlework to prison inmates. Their amazing work is sold on the website.

It would be great to see anyone who wants to join the huddle this evening. It will be very informal, friendly and fun. Please contact me by e.mail if you need any further information.

Love Rocking Dog x

P.S. Wouldn’t it just be SO lovely if “Great British Sewing Bee’s” Patrick was to turn up!

Pretty Patching,Rocking Dog

Pretty Patching

Inspiration,Rocking Dog


Fragrant Stuffing,Rocking Dog

Fragrant Stuffing

Needle Pulling Thread,Rocking Dog

Needle Pulling Thread

Cuppa.....,Rocking Dog


& Cake!,Rocking Dog

& Cake!

3 Thoughts on “Tonight! The First Rocking Dog Huddle

  1. Laine Brown on January 25, 2017 at 8:19 am said:

    SO SAD I can’t come to this Liz! I am resolved to join you at the first opportunity and learn how to mend or even sew on a button. You are so warm and welcoming that I think I could cope with being the dunce in the room at your house. Last night at J’s rehearsal here in the germ my new linen trousers developed a hole in the side seam which I would love to mend beautifully but would probably wreck. Mother in law arriving tomorrow and that will be her first task. She’s moving to Malmesbury from Sussex this year as soon as we find the right house so I’d love to bring her too if there’s space for us both. Have a lovely lovely evening. Can’t wait to read all about it! Big hug xx

    • Thanks ‘Laine for your lovely message. Please come whenever an opportunity pops up, and of course bring mother in law. I hope there’ll be lots of conversations about travels, food, music, life in different era’s etc …. and we might get around to sewing at some point! Happy house hunting. Love to you all Liz x PS Andy bracing himself for a very busy piping
      Burn’s Night weekend!

  2. I shall be with you in spirit Liz as I’m sure you will have a wonderful evening. It all sounds delightful. Have fun xx

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