The Gentle Week That Was

Bringing Autumn In,Rocking Dog

Bringing Autumn In

I hope you have had a good weekend, that there were good places to go, lovely things to eat and the enjoyment of the new season. A week has passed and a gentle week “that was” is now gathering pace.

Too boring to discuss Rocking Dog has not been feeling chipper and now after super charged doses of anti-inflammatories i’m wagging my tail again and ready to play ball! I haven’t been able to let the week pass in a completely nothing’y fug. I have managed to bake and sew, but everything has taken sooooo much longer! There were 70’s zoo print stockings lovingly sewn (and now awaiting whizzy embellishments), a pie for rockstars, and cakes to deliver to neighbours from the cake fairy.

There was even a Sunday roast yesterday and it was lovely to cook for friends and family. I just gently did it. The table looked autumnal with cones, nuts and antique jug filled with rose-hips, seed heads, leaves and twigs. I love a good table!

As ever Real Live Rocking Dog always needs a walk, but last week everything was done at a slower pace. On Friday the autumnal colours were truly beautiful and I revelled in spotting the flash of a Kingfisher and a little further up river a Heron doing some early morning fishing.

There has been planning too for the trip later this week to the cemeteries in Belgium and France for the Rocking Dog “Remember Me” Project. Cemetery plans have been studied and details of grave & memorials plotted. Worryingly for me an understanding of Roman numerals has been required. Route planning, accommodation, shuttle, etc… Andyman and I have finally had to buckle down! Thank you to the lovely Eddie Jones of the British Legion at Frampton Cotterell who boxed up forty little wooden crosses for me. The contents of that box made me feel really sad, the representation of so many young lives cut short.

Today there is the small matter of packing and rather like the well publicised shopping list that was circulating last week our car will have a rather eclectic haul. 1 wood-burning stove, 2 sections of flue pipe, various stove bits, a high chair, a chain saw, a child’s circus tent, umbrellas, insect repellant etc..etc..

After stops in France and Switzerland we will be in place to start the olive harvest.

Have a great week. Love Rocking Dog x

Condiments,Rocking Dog


Dishing Up, Rocking Dog

Dishing Up

Red Cabbage & More,Rocking Dog

Red Cabbage & More

Ready To Embellish,Rocking Dog

Ready To Embellish

Cake Fairy Packages,Rocking Dog

Cake Fairy Packages

Pie For Rockstars!,Rocking Dog

Pie For Rockstars!

"Remember Me" Trip Planning,Rocking Dog

“Remember Me” Trip Planning

Autumn Leaves &...,Rocking Dog

Autumn Leaves &…

....Autumn Fruits,Rocking Dog

….Autumn Fruits

4 Thoughts on “The Gentle Week That Was

  1. Maxine on October 9, 2017 at 10:20 am said:

    Once again, such a lovely post. Thanks so much again for the sumptuous apple pie – it looked beautiful and tasted delicious. Hope you go from strength to strength health-wise – taking things gently is definitely the key. Thinking of you with your memory trip – such a thoughtful and inspiring project. In fact you are an inspiration Liz! Have a wonderful time in Italy too xx

  2. Thank you Max I am humbled by your lovely comments. We all have our talents and making music isn’t one of mine – so touché on the talent front! Looking forward to hearing all the new tunes even though i’m not the greatest fan of Status Quo! xx

  3. I really do hope you are feeling better Liz and don’t overdo things on your road trip. I’m sure you find it very poignant. It is a wonderful thing you are doing. And enjoy Italy!

    • Thanks Gina it’s been a trying old time. Looking fwd to seeing how you get on with the technical bake. Believe it’s aragosta’s (lobster tails), my absolute favourite. Hope all good with you and let’s put a date in the diary for a Bristol stay -even it stretches well into next year. Best autumnal wishes winging their way to you Liz x

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