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Repurposing Things For The Home.

Broken Things Made Good, Rocking Dog

Broken Things Made Good

I’m sure by now you will know Rocking Dog loves old and battered. Always has and always will. I love repurposing things for the home, rather than buying shiny and new. HOWEVER, I do love to add in a few contemporary bits so that the house doesn’t feel like a fusty desiccated museum!

This week I found a new magazine on the shelves “Reclaim”. It purports to be for those readers wanting to create eclectic interiors using salvage finds. Quite lovely, but my heart still lies with “Country Living” and “World of Interiors”. This first issue really made me look at some of my accumulated crud, and just how long I have been living with a vintage interior (believe me it is no new trend, perhaps I was therefore an unknowing trendsetter!)

How I remember struggling onto a train with a heavy wooden cello case from Bath to Chippenham twenty five years ago. I do not play the cello, but it does make a stylish storage container! In the same month I struggled home with some heavy wooden postal sorting shelves on the same rail route. I had such stamina and determination in those days!

Particular loves include my Grandma Nellie’s wash tub which is currently filled with logs, but when Christmas comes along it transiently hosts the tree. Another log supply is currently neatly stacked aboard a wooden sledge. Alas, like me the old sledge is waiting for snow. Coal meanwhile is stored in a rather battered brass preserving pan, such a handy vessel for travelling to and fro from the coal bunker.

A recent purchase from the Saturday antique and flea market in Bath has been a pair of decorative brass deer hooks. I originally bought them as brackets for supporting a wooden curtain pole, but have since decided to go down the Roman blind route. As I handed over my £20 the stallholder said “You know what these are don’t you?” No was my bewildered answer, and he went onto tell me they were old brackets to wall mount a shotgun. I have absolutely no interest in bearing arms, so the brackets will be used to hang frivolous hats and bags! I must remember to buy brass screws to replace the nasty chrome ones.

In the kitchen I love my collection of old earthenware and china jars. These hold my whisks, spoons and assorted kitchen tools. I love the fact that they sport wording of foodstuffs we no longer commonly use. Tapioca, that word simply makes me shudder. A primary school pudding that would make so many children cry (we weren’t allowed out to the playground until our plates were cleared). If of course any of my beloved pots get broken they are simply kept until a mosaic’ing moment comes on. I have so many plans to spend days in the garden this summer doing some mosaic walls- so sun blessed and creatively therapeutic!

I love things with history, a sense of mystery and uniqueness. Who else houses their toothbrushes and paste in a vintage teapot I wonder!

Have a lovely Monday and hope its a great start to a great week.

PS Went to see the film “Room” at The Watershed last night. A brilliant film with an amazing cast, beautiful cinematography, but with the tension of the film leaving your tummy in a tight ball.

New Magazine, Rocking Dog

New Magazine

shoe last display rocking dog

Shoe Last Display

stepladder storage rocking dog

Stepladder Storage

Wash Tub For Logs..., Rocking Dog

Wash Tub For Logs…

....And Spring Bulbs, Rocking Dog

….And Spring Bulbs

Repurposed Coat Hook, Rocking Dog

Repurposed Coat Hook

Spoon Jars, Rocking Dog

Spoon Jars

Alas No Snow!, Rocking Dog

Alas No Snow!

Weight Paperweight, Rocking Dog

Weight Paperweight

New Batch Of Rocking Dog Recycled Gift Labels

Looking For Presents, Rocking Dog

Looking For Presents

Yesterday I made a batch of recycled gift labels. My magazines were piling up and in need of a cull (World Of Interiors and Country Living make good gift tag fodder). I was in need of an easy craft task after a night where sleep didn’t come easily. However, at 4.45 am the dawn chorus was truly glorious, as was the dawn with the promise of burgeoning verdant spring greenness.

Back to the task in hand. Images were chosen and cut with a paper trimmer (which gives perfect straight edges). These were mounted onto recycled brown luggage labels using Pritt (don’t accept impostors!) Many were then given a stamping treatment before being given strings which complemented the style and colour of the images. As I am going to be selling these, I grouped tags of the same genre in quantities of five.

Simple job, surprisingly time consuming, but somehow quite satisfying!

These tags would look pretty on a present wrapped in vibrant crisp tissue paper, or tied onto a bottle of bubbly. Equally one of these labels could be attached to a plant or hand tied bunch of flowers. The idea could be adapted to make lovely, yet inexpensive place names for a party or wedding. The tags could be deliciously tied around a napkin or to a chair, indeed a gilded pear, apple or frosted fir cone. Go Wild!

Summer Fruit Tags, Rocking Dog

Summer Fruit Tags

Stamped & Waiting For String, Rocking Dog

Stamped & Waiting For String

String Chosen & Cut, Rocking Dog

String Chosen & Cut