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Rocking Dog Loves Markets!

Bucket of Wools, Rocking Dog

Bucket of Wools

This morning I had an early start taking Real Life Rocking Dog off to be expensively coiffured, and a trip to see Colin at Eastville Market,for haberdashery.

I am currently making some draw string bags made from some vintage table-linen. With embroidered palm trees, exotic flora, straw huts and charming little figures these bags will be perfect for packing holiday essentials for the beach.

Colin’s eclectic stall provided ribbons for drawstrings, and I couldn’t resist some extra thick bakers twine, some lovely Scandinavian inspired braid and kitsch wedding cake decorations. You never know quite what you’ll find – it depends on Colin’s latest round of wheeling and dealing! With ribbons at around 30p a metre and Indian glitzy braids at £1 metre it’s worth taking a look. And of course if you need suspender replacements, bra extenders, knicker elastic and bobbins Colin is your man!

Sewing is to resume shortly, balmy looking bags for forthcoming balmy summer days.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend and Happy Birthday Colin!

Balmy Bags, Rocking Dog

Balmy Bags

Colin's Bazaar, Rocking Dog

Colin’s Bazaar

Spinning Yarns, Rocking Dog

Spinning Yarns

Button Up, Rocking Dog

Button Up

This n' That, Rocking Dog

This n’ That

Eclectic Stock, Rocking Dog

Eclectic Stock