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Wrapping- Rocking Dog Style

Good Boy Gift, Rocking Dog

Good Boy Gift

In amongst seriously Grinching the house I have been trying to keep up with wrapping gifts. Too many times I have struggled exhaustedly into bed in the early hours of Christmas morning after a last minute wrapping session.

My latest wrapping offerings include my perennial favourite- wallpaper. Bargain bin exotic wallpapers are much cheaper than individual sheets of gift wrap and so effective when given bold ribbons and luggage label tags. My latest wallpaper purchase is a massively reduced roll of Christian Lacroix butterfly paper. I would have loved the blue colour way but beggars can’t be choosers! I look forward to some spring/summer wrapping using this amazing paper.

Clementine wrappers, wire scourers, Mexican matches, Christmas decorations and candy canes all help to make stylishly wrapped gifts.

Rustic Wrap, Rocking Dog

Rustic Wrap

Button Fastening, Rocking Dog

Button Fastening

 Matches & Scourers, Rocking Dog

Matches & Scourers

Wallpaper Wrap, Rocking Dog

Wallpaper Wrap

Another Wallpaper, Rocking Dog

Another Wallpaper

Latest Wallpaper, Rocking Dog

Latest Wallpaper

Winning Ways With Wonderful Wallpaper!

Fandabidosi Table Runner, Rocking Dog

Fandabidosi Table Runner

Yes, by now you will absolutely know that I adore wonderful wallpaper! I love using it for a whole range of different projects, though some inevitably ends up on the walls!

I am always on the look out for end rolls to stock pile for exciting future projects. John Lewis, Laura Ashley, DIY stores and interior design shops are always worth a forage! I pay between £3 and £10 a roll and many retail normally in excess of £50.

Uses for the paper booty include, table runners, party hats, gift wrapping, decoupage, covering storage boxes, paper chains etc…etc…

The photo above shows a glimpse of a Cole and Son “Woods” table runner. Incidentally this was a Russian themed charity Burns’ Night in aid of a Russian orphanage. Somehow the food ended up a little more Bavarian, but hey ho! The beautiful silver paper with bare silver birch imagery certainly helped set the scene.

The paper cone is made using a discontinued paper from Laura Ashley. The cone is based on ones that I remember from holidays in Brittany in the swinging 60’s and 70’s. These enticing cones would grace patisseries and boulangeries in sleepy little Breton Medieval towns. Usually decked in colours to denote fille and garçon, they always appeared much more inspiring than the glassine bagged surprise bags of 60’s Britain!

My cones would make great alternatives to party bags- so much more lovelier than commercial Disneyfied plastic ones. I have added a simple homemade ribbon rosette to decorate and personalise the cone. Obviously contents could be themed to complement the wallpaper design (think pirates eye patch, chocolate coins, a treasure map, transfer tattoos, cutlass etc..). Pretty treat filled cones could be presented at a baby shower, hen party or for yummy Easter goodies!

The Admiral hats can be made from a sheet of wrapping paper or a piece of wallpaper. If you have forgotten this folding skill of childhood take a look on YouTube to reacquaint yourself.

Here endeth my eulogising sermon on wallpaper (well at least for now!)

French Style Cone, Rocking Dog

French Style Cone

Ribbon Rosette, Rocking Dog

Ribbon Rosette

Ahoy!, Rocking Dog


What’s Going On On Your Mantlepiece?

Muddled Mantlepiece, Rocking Dog

Muddled Mantlepiece

A few years ago The Guardian asked readers to describe and send in images of their mantlepieces. It really got me thinking of the strange things that accumulate on mantlepieces, well certainly mine. They aren’t styled, rather more they come about as a natural dusty evolvement. Christmas usually sparks changes with the addition of putz houses, tatty decorations and Christmas cards, otherwise, my mantlepieces remain pretty constant. I do however love a jug of garden flowers or a gorgeous scented candle to ring the changes.

The photo above is of the mantlepiece in my sewing room and has simply come about. The dogs are a pair I bought as a present for Andyman (you know one of those gifts you buy by proxy!) and were on the scene long before Real Live Rocking Dog was a twinkle in his Daddy’s eye (incidentally his Dad’s name had the Pedigree name “Stand and Deliver”). An advent calendar, postcards, a graceful 1930’s bust, knitted asparagus and lots of other frou vie for space and until I write something like this I don’t really think of the cornucopia of tat that I live with.

The mantlepiece adorned with tulips, is a pretty grand fireplace for this humble cottage. It is a large ornate cast iron affair which took a lot of stripping to rid it of the green and yellow marbling effect which the previous owner had favoured. Eventually I need to inject a little more colour into the room, but the tulips give a welcome but temporary colour pop. I love the photo on the mantlepiece of the little Russian baby and its mother, both dressed in fur and finery. It gives me a Dr Zhivago moment every time I dust!

My wooden mantlepiece has obviously seen the new arrival of Toby jug, Mrs Mack and Sailor Dog (bought from the lovely Jayne Soule) but everything else is years of knick knackery! The old clock face was rescued from underneath a carpet in the house, used to stop floorboards creaking!

One Sunday when our son arrived home to be fed and have his washing done, he reluctantly watched Antiques Roadshow with me. One item featured was valued at about £6,000, that got son…… thinking! He was studiously looking around the lounge before asking me whether we had anything that could be worth that. I somewhat incredulously exclaimed “no”, but he then decided to interrogate me further. He pointed up to the clock on the mantlepiece and said “what about that then”? We are talking about a crudely made clock (possibly American) with crude mechanism and a Robertson’s “Golly” on it’s little glass door. Try again Alex!

Lastly my bedroom mantlepiece which is strangely for me, colour coordinated. I don’t have many photo’s up in the house but this is where most find their secure long term place. I love my bedroom wallpaper which has been with us for about 15 years. We could only afford to do one wall, but every morning it makes me smile, I don’t think a B&Q paper could have done that!

What’s going on on your mantlepiece right now?

Colour Pop, Rocking Dog

Colour Pop

What's it Worth? Rocking Dog

What’s it Worth?

Colour Coordinated, Rocking Dog

Colour Coordinated