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Real Live Rocking Dog Recovering Well

Our Mr Dog, Rocking Dog

Our Mr Dog

The house is quiet, horribly quiet. Real Live Rocking Dog has been away having an operation on his large intestine. Hopefully I will go and collect him from the vet’ hospital today, and the house will feel whole again. It makes me realise just how much I talk to the four legged member of our household!

Hamish is eight years old and was a welcome addition to our changing household 8 Octobers ago. The nest was feeling empty with two Ferguson’s having gone off to Uni, and one very lonely little Ferguson left. Hamish filled a void. Now there are are just two adult humans and one needy canine remaining.

Dog ownership has brought so much to our lives, especially our love and appreciation of walking. We adore observing the changing seasons, love foraging and meeting other walkers and dog owners. When it is pouring with rain we sometimes dread the dog walk, but we always feel better for having ventured out.

Having Hamish has meant we have got to see more of England, Wales and France (Scotland yet to be explored). I am absolutely convinced that he can smell the sea while we are still a considerable distance from the coast. Many of his favourite words start with the letter B. Beach, Ball, Bed and Barking come to mind.

Owning a pet is something not to be taken lightly. Insurance, vet bills, food, grooming, flea and worm treatments, kennel & doggy daycare, wear and tear on furniture etc…all need to be considered. Time required for walking etc.. also need to be evaluated. HOWEVER… the benefits of having a dog I feel are immeasurable and inexplainable.

Come home soon Real Live Rocking Dog, you are so missed.

Bed...., Rocking Dog


Bed....., Rocking Dog


And More Bed!, Rocking Dog

And More Bed!

Brook, Rocking Dog


Ball, Rocking Dog


And Place To Bark!, Rocking Dog

And Place To Bark!