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I Went To The Shops And I Bought…

£2 Madonna, Rocking Dog

£2 Madonna

Do you ever remember on long car journeys playing “I went to the shops and I bought….” The first player would say “I went to the shops and I bought a £2 Madonna”. The next player would then say “I went to the shops and bought a £2 Madonna and a jar full of buttons”, and so it went on. The list would get so long that you wouldn’t remember items from the list without a lot of prompting. It often got very silly with items such as rubber girdles, mouldy fish and American Tan tights on the list. The smutty innocence of a 60’s childhood!

So I went to the Vintage Jumble on Saturday and indeed I did buy a £2 Madonna (destined for our bathroom), a big jar of buttons (which I promptly smashed on our kitchen floor), a whizzy scarf and some fabulous fabrics. It is always such fun, and in a lovely venue, Rangeworthy Village Hall. Cakes and teas lovingly made as always by the WI.

I had a great chat with a smallholder who had bought a job lot of corsets in Brussels. They were so similar to the ones I remember my grandmother Nellie wearing. Laced, boned, suspendered and in that notorious corset pink colour, they represented functional rather than beautiful lingerie. Never worn and made in the 40’s/ 50’s they were a bargain for a mere £5 each. In hindsight I should have bought one for my nude mannequin housed in the bathroom together with £2 Madonna! Maybe there’ll be one left when the next Jumble comes around (27th June Box), but before then there’s the Spring Fair at Chipping Sodbury on 23rd May.

The question is what am I going to make with the fab’ fabrics. Would it be really wrong to make a baby dress from the wine bottle fabric?!

Button Jar, Rocking Dog

Button Jar

Whizzy Scarf, Rocking Dog

Whizzy Scarf

Fab' Fabrics, Rocking Dog

Fab’ Fabrics

Doggy Invite, Rocking Dog

Doggy Invite

A Vintage Scarf Cushion For Mother’s Day

 Vintage Scarves For A Simple Crafty Make, Rocking Do

Vintage Scarves For A Simple Crafty Make

The Paper Cut Out Girls are making simple vintage scarf cushions in time for Mother’s Day! These are easy peasy to concoct, inexpensive and unique. As it involves using a ready made cushion cover there is no need to panic about inserting a zip.

For a cushion you will need the following:-

A pretty scarf (look in charity shops, vintage fairs etc..) A cushion cover which is of the same size and that complements the colours of your chosen scarf. Alternatively, you can use a larger cover so that your scarf has a wide border around it. A cushion pad to plumply fill your cushion cover. Pins, needle and thread to match your scarf.

If necessary launder your scarf prior to giving it a good press. Take your cushion cover (I used a velvet one from Ikea) and like the Paper Cut Out Girls carefully pin the scarf to the cover. Remember to keep any zip or fastening to the base of your scarf design so that when finished the zip isn’t noticeable.

Thread a needle, and with small neat stitches sew around the scarf to attach it to the cover. Be careful not to sew any stitches which will impede the movement of the zip. Finish neatly, cut any loose cottons and remove pins. Press well.

Fill the cover with the cushion pad. I personally like using a feather pad, but synthetic pads do not require pumping up, are washable and are great for allergy sufferers.

Voila! A lovely cushion to dress a bed, Lloyd Loom chair or sofa.

What You Need, Rocking Dog

What You Need

Pinning For Paper Cut Girl, Rocking Dog

Pinning For Paper Cut Girl

Voila!, Rocking Dog