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Rocking Dog Cuts Out Christmas Stockings…Again!

Vintage Loveliness Ready For Sewing, Rocking Dog

Vintage Loveliness Ready For Sewing

Rocking Dog decided to use the stash of fabrics bought at the Vintage Jumble on Saturday. So on my workbench the lovely Pooh fabric has been cut into stocking shapes ready to be sewn. The stockings will have cheery green & white gingham linings and will be embellished with some lovely frou! I have also cut stockings from a bright 60’s print. This little piece of fabric has been stashed on Material Mountain for a long time. A green check tablecloth bought at the jumble will provide the linings. More Marie Antoinette pretty feet boots have been cut, and in due course will be embellished with buckles, French ribbon and bobbles. Perhaps if I leave everything out on my work bench something magical will happen, those little mice in Beatrix Potter’s “The Tailor of Gloucester” will sew and embroider my stockings exquisitely!

Christmas really doesn’t need to be all about green, red and gold. It can be about French toiles, 50’s and 60’s prints, crewelwork and Pooh! I know it’s really early to be sewing such festive wares but shops are like Boy Scouts, they like to be prepared….dib,dib,dib!

No,no,no….. absolutely no Michael!

Vintage Jumble Fabrics, Rocking Dog

Vintage Jumble Fabrics

More Pretty Feet!, Rocking Dog

More Pretty Feet!

Ribbon Stash, Rocking Dog

Ribbon Stash

Embellish, Rocking Dog


Festive Stash, Rocking Dog

Festive Stash

Material Mountain, Rocking Dog

Material Mountain

A Clutch Of Cards From Rocking Dog

Clutch Of Cards, Rocking Dog

Clutch Of Cards

Rocking Dog has been making a clutch of cards for a variety of occasions. As ever the cards are very inexpensively and simply made. Armed with some card blanks, a Pritt stick, glue gun I started work!

On Saturday at the wonderful Rangeworthy Vintage and Handmade Jumble I picked up some Bingo cards and counters from the everso lovely Jayne Soule. I had no idea what I would do with them, but knew they’d come in useful one day. Sooner than expected these bingo cards formed the basis of cards for two friends with big birthdays. I Googled bingo language and voila two simple but effective cards were created. Because of the bulky bingo counter I somehow think i’ll be clobbered on the postage, but ah well!

Another card is winging it’s way to my son in law who successfully completed walking Snowdon, Scafell Pike and Ben Nevis in little more than 24 hours over the weekend. Needless to say his feet are rather sore. An old charity shop medical book provided a great 1930’s snippet on dealing with blistered feet. Another card mastered.

Two food related cards for a birthday and an overdue supper thank you were conjured up from colourful freebie M&S paper stock. I also crafted lovely envelopes from food printed copy and flocked Indian paper. A wonderful gift from a thoughtful friend allows me to whisk up envelopes in a jiffy from paper and fabric etc… The wooden template is my latest crafty gadget and I LOVE it!

Cards done and dusted it was time for a bit of gift wrapping. A Rocking Dog laundry bag was wrapped in a map from a long forgotten British map book. I chose a page with special relevance for the recipient. It was finished with string, map printed ribbon and chalk board label.

With a little effort, and a lot of thought £12-15 or so worth of cards and gift wrap were made for a fraction of the price. What will you be conjuring up?

Bingo Birthdays!, Rocking Dog

Bingo Birthdays!

Sushi To Go!, Rocking Dog

Sushi To Go!

Yummy Gratitude!, Rocking Dog

Yummy Gratitude!

Blistered Hero!, Rocking Dog

Blistered Hero!

Fab Template!,Rocking Dog

Fab Template!

Map Wrap!, Rocking Dog

Map Wrap!

I Went To The Shops And I Bought…

£2 Madonna, Rocking Dog

£2 Madonna

Do you ever remember on long car journeys playing “I went to the shops and I bought….” The first player would say “I went to the shops and I bought a £2 Madonna”. The next player would then say “I went to the shops and bought a £2 Madonna and a jar full of buttons”, and so it went on. The list would get so long that you wouldn’t remember items from the list without a lot of prompting. It often got very silly with items such as rubber girdles, mouldy fish and American Tan tights on the list. The smutty innocence of a 60’s childhood!

So I went to the Vintage Jumble on Saturday and indeed I did buy a £2 Madonna (destined for our bathroom), a big jar of buttons (which I promptly smashed on our kitchen floor), a whizzy scarf and some fabulous fabrics. It is always such fun, and in a lovely venue, Rangeworthy Village Hall. Cakes and teas lovingly made as always by the WI.

I had a great chat with a smallholder who had bought a job lot of corsets in Brussels. They were so similar to the ones I remember my grandmother Nellie wearing. Laced, boned, suspendered and in that notorious corset pink colour, they represented functional rather than beautiful lingerie. Never worn and made in the 40’s/ 50’s they were a bargain for a mere £5 each. In hindsight I should have bought one for my nude mannequin housed in the bathroom together with £2 Madonna! Maybe there’ll be one left when the next Jumble comes around (27th June Box), but before then there’s the Spring Fair at Chipping Sodbury on 23rd May.

The question is what am I going to make with the fab’ fabrics. Would it be really wrong to make a baby dress from the wine bottle fabric?!

Button Jar, Rocking Dog

Button Jar

Whizzy Scarf, Rocking Dog

Whizzy Scarf

Fab' Fabrics, Rocking Dog

Fab’ Fabrics

Doggy Invite, Rocking Dog

Doggy Invite