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The Dog Concocts A Tipple For Fashionista’s !

Raw Ingredients, Rocking Dog

Raw Ingredients

This won’t be ready to serve up to front row London Fashion Week goers, but in 40 days time this Vin D’Orange will be ready to quaff!

I couldn’t resist the very last of the season’s Seville oranges, especially as they were reduced. With enough Marmalade to see us through the year, these oranges are for a blush coloured tipple and a robust Orange and Apricot Chutney.

I haven’t tried Vin D’Orange before, so it’s a little bit of an experiment. Very easy to make I hope it will taste simply divine. Perhaps when it’s been filtered and bottled i’ll serve it up with little fragments of gold leaf in sparkling antique cocktail glasses, put the gramophone on and attempt the Charleston ….or not!

This post harks back to the heady days of the 1930’s when life was a blast as long as you weren’t affected by the Great Depression. The Savoy Cocktail Book was printed in 1930 and an exciting find in my Mother in Law’s garage. It was originally destined for the bin, and now resides in a cabinet with other coveted historical food books. I love its wonderful Art Deco illustrations and unlike my contemporary cookery books this one is perfect with no splashes or splats!

As for the tablecloth, I bought that from a shop in Clifton Arcade and it’s an original Deco cloth which I in fact usually wear as a scarf. Meanwhile the photo of the wonderful bathing beauties are of Andyman’s Grandmother Nancy, and relative Chrissie. Probably taken on a shiveringly cold Scottish beach the 1930’s image exudes the era with parasols, modest swimsuits and swim hats. The clock is powered electrically, and with its jade green and cream colour it is typical of the period. Unfortunately I couldn’t lay my hands on my Deco cocktail shakers, no doubt they are bundled up very unceremoniously in my stupendously untidy cellar!

Lets hope these oranges do their magic over the next month and that we find something lovely to toast.

Cocktail Time!, Rocking Dog

Cocktail Time!

Golden Days, Rocking Dog

Golden Days

Seville Orange Magic, Rocking Dog

Seville Orange Magic