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Loose Ends Tied Up

Marmalade potted and Bloomsburyfied!, Rocking Dog

Marmalade potted and Bloomsburyfied!

The week has started with tying up loose ends. Thus, the Marmalade was labelled and frou’d, more recipes transcribed and a small pile of drawstring bags completed.

My Bloomsbury Marmalade gained ties and pot covers cut from a fabric which was originally designed by Duncan Grant, one of the Bloomsberry Group. In 1986 Laura Ashley reproduced some of these designs and filled the shop with wallpapers, fabrics, rugs, borders and lamps. I bought some of these fabrics, wallpapers and borders in sales. I also bought display curtains and they have dressed some of our windows ever since. In the last couple of years Laura Ashley has re-released a more scaled down range at unfortunately non 1986 prices! A few years ago I was very fortunate to find some L.A. Queen Mary linen fabric (featured in main photo) in an Indian fabric shop in Bristol for £1 a yard. You will learn I love a good bargain!

The transcription of my original 1846 cookery book is going slowly but enjoyably. I have gleaned what a hair sieve is amongst other things. Can you believe there were sieves which had a gauze made of horse hair? The recipe for Tomato sauce sounds quite delicious and involves oven roasting the tomatoes overnight. I think I might have a go at the recipe, but unfortunately won’t have a hair sieve to pass the mixture through.

As for my drawstring bags, they are ready to take off to a far flung beach or be hung on Shaker style pegs. Made from vintage gingham and table linen they are lined with a cheery polka dot remnant. Part of the Rocking Dog summer range complete!

Difficult Transcription, Rocking Dog

Difficult Transcription

Looking For The Sun, Rocking Dog

Looking For The Sun