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Buying Supplies In Beautiful Bath

Rocking Dog Loves A Bit Of Gingham!,Rocking Dog

Rocking Dog Loves A Bit Of Gingham!

Blogging has taken rather a back seat this week. Sorry, still not feeling 100% . Yesterday it was time to venture into Bath to buy supplies. With envelopes to address for The Boy’s fast approaching wedding I needed new nibs. Meticulous Ink on Walcot Street was where I was heading, but naturally there was plenty to distract me before I reached this truly gorgeous printing emporium! I found the sweetest of craft supply shops at the back of Bartlett Street Antiques Centre. Juniper and Blue may be bijoux, but it carries a wonderful selection of carefully selected ribbons, beads, wool, papers etc.. With my love of gingham I could not resist a Noolibird gingham stamp. Toast and Blue on Bartlett Street followed, for wedding outfit inspiration. I am not a matching dress and bolero sort of gal, and thus far have bought curtain fabric to make a 50’s style duster coat. I better get Beloved Bernina rattling away because time is, well…..rattling away!

Eventually I found myself on the road to Meticulous Ink. I love Walcot Street and beyond, there are so many quirky independent shops and interesting buildings. My walk took me past The Fine Cheese Company, and I steered myself swiftly past. How I love their cafe, and in particular their cheese platters! This lovely street boasts Scandi’ interior shops, one or two good charity shops, Farrow & Ball, suppliers of sisal, wool and wood flooring, a weaver, a wedding dress maker (say no more!!) cafe’s and vintage furniture shops. I loved nipping into The Fig Store. It sells rustic vintage furniture together with eclectic homeware. It was SO calming, the majority of the stock being in various hues and textures of grey, soft whites and linen. I loved the old hoes which had been up-cycled as stair rails. When warmer temperatures arrive there is a delightful gravelled and manicured garden for customers to peruse. Lovely, yes really lovely.

Nibs bought, I was treated to a little masterclass with Athena and Charlie to try an troubleshoot my capital D’s.

Further along the street (by now we are onto Cleveland Terrace) I ventured into Owl in The Ivy. Another gorgeous shop, again very calming but darker and somehow more sinister (in a lovely way!) than The Fig Store. Vintage furniture, hessian printed coffee sacks, succulents, twine, all beautifully staged, made for a joyous browsing moment. Emma hosts supper clubs and workshops in this evocative space. Details of events will be up and coming from her soon. Her blog photography is truly beautiful and she is going to be running a workshop on how to produce good photo’s for blogs etc… I would love to learn more, but there maybe one slight problem. I need to get myself a smart phone and stop being a Diplodocus! Yes, a very inspiring end to the trawl along one of my favourite Bath streets.

Back in town a final purchase was made in Anthropologie. I bought lovely purple agate handles in their sale section. For a few months there have just been ugly holes in the newly painted dressing table whilst I have tried to find the perfect pulls! More worrying is the fact that we are without a wall light on the stairs, again I am holding out for the perfect illumination, and not one with a terrifying price tag.

Bedtime reading was free – a copy of Crumbs (lovely South West food related magazine) and Vow (beautifully produced wedding magazine) together with the latest Farrow & Ball colour chart. Now let me see, chalky whites, greys and linen. Happy Days!

Wishing everyone a lovely weekend and I hope that you can find inspiration, ambience and a sense of calm in the greyness that is February.

Love Rocking Dog X

Meticulous Nibs, Rocking Dog

Meticulous Nibs

Oh, So Tempting!, Rocking Dog

Oh, So Tempting!

Calm Quirky Home, Rocking Dog

Calm Quirky Home

Fabulous Fig, Rocking Dog

Fabulous Fig

Fig Store Order, Rocking Dog

Fig Store Order

Bedtime Reading, Rocking Dog

Bedtime Reading

Bakery Tour Of Bath With Rocking Dog

Baked Dough, Rocking Dog

Baked Dough

Real Live Rocking Dog has needed to go into a veterinary hospital for some investigations, and the house is very quiet. As Dr Seuss would say “I Do not like it one little bit!” After saying a woeful goodbye to RLRD I dropped down into Bath and met my poor jet lagged boy.

We ate delicious pastries and sipped brain stoking coffee, saturated in wonderful late summer sunshine. If you are ever in Bath I can truly recommend the Bertinet Bakery. One branch can be found near the railway and bus stations with a tempting array of freshly baked pastries, Croque Monsieur, tarts etc..I really love the toasters on customer tables, so you can toast bread to your own delectable shade of brown. Various jams and marmalade can then be spread thickly (or thinly) whilst you watch the world go by.

We had a mooch around Bath and picked up a lovely salad box from Jamie’s Deli which we ate in the square by the very beautiful Abbey and Roman Baths. Again the sun graced us with its presence, together with some talented buskers. With so much sad news in the press I did feel very privileged and somewhat guilty to be enjoying such a happy time simply watching the world go by.

Lastly I picked up bread from another Bertinet Branch (alas no cafe), but good for coffee and pastry on the go.This branch can be found in one of the charming little shopping alleys (New Bond Street Place). We can enjoy our Bertinet sourdough for breakfast tomorrow but unfortunately no toaster on the table! I have vivid memories of my aunt in Newcastle having her toaster on the table and some china ducks flying up the wall.

Incidentally, Richard Bertinet also runs a cookery school close to The Circus and has a good online shop for all that is bread related. Andyman is a keen fan of the Bertinet baking bibles and bakes up a good loaf.

Heading back to the car I marvelled at the historic Pulteney Bridge. It was designed by Robert Adam and completed in 1774 for the princely sum of £11,000. It is one of only four bridges in the world to have shops built across its full span on both sides. The weir close to the bridge was used as the location for Javert’s suicide in the 2012 film Les Miserables.

My purchases were the bread, and purple calligraphy ink from Meticulous Ink. The Son and Sun were the most precious parts of the lovely day.

Real Live Rocking Dog, Rocking Dog

Real Live Rocking Dog

To Start The Day Well, Rocking Dog

To Start The Day Well

Bath's very Own Rialto, Rocking Dog

Bath’s very Own Rialto

Popped In For Bread, Rocking Dog

Popped In For Bread

Yummy Buns, Rocking Dog

Yummy Buns

DIY Dough Supplies, Rocking Dog

DIY Dough Supplies

Enticing Board, Rocking Dog

Enticing Board

Homage to Bertinet, Rocking Dog

Homage to Bertinet

Rocking Dogs Buns, Rocking Dog

Rocking Dogs Buns