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Rocking Dog Loves Manuscript Paper

Italian Food Parcel, Rocking Dog

Italian Food Parcel

Oooooh how I love a good bit of manuscript paper! The true definition of a manuscript is that it is a handwritten piece of work rather than work which is typed or word processed. So, manuscripts could include a handwritten recipe book, love letters, old property deeds, Bob Cratchit style account ledgers, etc…etc..

I was fortunate to find some beautiful manuscript papers on a flea market stall in Perugia. Not being in the least bit proficient in Italian I have no idea what they relate to, but they look quite official. Many have been stamped, I believe that they are Sardinian. The papers are dated 1832 and 1838, and for being nearly 200 years old they are in remarkable condition. In England this is a period when Charles Dickens is writing, Victoria ascends the throne (1837) and Brunel’s steamship SS. Great Western crosses the Atlantic (1838). The delicious bundle cost me a bargainous 15 euro’s and I am going to be very mean about how I use the precious sheets! My first thought was to get some photocopied to use as wrapping paper. The script marries so well with decadent velvet or satin ribbon, a silk flower, ostentatious label … the possibilities are endless!

On Saturday I met with friends for a delicious brunch, laughs and middle aged moans! I wrapped up Italian sponge fingers and good Italian chocolate together with a recipe for tiramisu for the girls. I bandaged the goodies in some
commercially printed manuscript paper strung together with twine. Madagascan vanilla pods embellished the parcels and smelt divine.

Hope you have a lovely week, and that all is not windswept and wet in your part of the world.

Vanilla Pod Detail, Rocking Dog

Vanilla Pod Detail

Dressed To Impress, Rocking Dog

Dressed To Impress

Flea Market Find, Rocking Dog

Flea Market Find

Photographic Backdrop, Rocking Dog

Photographic Backdrop

Script & Bling! Rocking Dog

Script & Bling!

Letters & Lace, Rocking Dog

Letters & Lace

Whisking Up Sweet Magic!

pudding in a jiffy!

Pudding in a Jiffy!

The girls have been whisking up some sweet magic in the Rocking Dog kitchen. Tiramisu in Italian literally means “Pick Me Up” due to the two caffeinated ingredients in its makeup (espresso and cocoa powder). This isn’t the most authentic recipe … but the girls adore this creamy concoction! It is easily made in about 15 minutes and can be left in the refrigerator for up to 2 days in advance of a dinner party. Great for all those who enjoy the scouts “be prepared” motto! Serve a divine glass of Vin Santo with this decadent dessert – that’s unless you’re hopping on a Vespa at the end of the evening. Ciao Bella!

The girls gather ingredients, rocking dog

The Girls Gather Ingredients.

the recipe, rocking dog

The Recipe

we love tiramisu rocking dog

We Love Tiramisu!