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Creative Wrapping Ideas By Rocking Dog

Rocking Dog Bag For Scottish Goodies!, Rocking Dog

Rocking Dog Bag For Scottish Goodies!

There are a raft of Birthdays and thank you’s to gift wrap for this June. Rocking Dog is too mean to buy gift wrap and loves to do a bit of creative recycling.

My mother in law has a birthday this weekend and I have made a bag from a vintage tea towel. Being Scottish I thought she’d appreciate the burly piper and nostalgic Scottish recipes. The bag will be filled with a homemade fruitcake, shortbread and other Scottish delicacies, a tin of salmon (yuk!), Irn Bru, porridge (anyone of a nervous disposition please don’t click on that last link!), Scotch pies, haggis i’ll see what I can scavenge! Interestingly the bag was made in a similar way to the reading glasses case, and so there’s not a raw hem to be seen. I doubled up Tartan ribbon for handles (sorry I don’t know which tartan) and neatly attached them to the bag. I was feeling very chilled, sewing whilst listening to a bit of Barry! Maybe it would have been more appropriate to sing along to something a bit more…. well, Scottish!

A thank you prezzie was wrapped in jolly spot with a spotty ribbon to boot. I used a pretty piece of scrapbooking paper. TK Maxx do a great selection of craft products at discounted prices. The parcel was completed with a chalkboard label (again TK Maxx) and I used a white rollerball pen. Looking at my rather scratchy handwriting I rather think I need a new one.

Another thank you present was a hand baked fruit cake, unfortunately the tin was rather Christmassy, no it really isn’t time yet Michael! However, for the wedding we bought tea towels from Ikea to use as napkins, and there was a little unused stash. I therefore placed the tin on a towel and gathered up the corners before securing with some string. The pretty label came from the front cover of a free John Lewis “Cook” magazine. I hope the boys will enjoy eating a generous wedge of cake whilst deciding what to do next in their truly wonderful garden (it definitely counts as one of my top 5 favourite gardens, with its Mr McGregor vegetable patch, orchard, orangery, ice house, vines, espalier fruit trees and of course the cottage garden flowers). Botanically and creatively yummy!

Finally a “mock up” voucher. I wanted to make a gift voucher envelope from a restaurant menu. This one was made from a menu for “The Pig”. I added a stamped label and a polished horse brass depicting a pig, and tied it with some linen ribbon. I thought it worked rather well. Incidentally the horse brasses were an impulse purchase in a charity shop. I bought about 25 for £5 and have hopes they’ll grace presents with a bit of brassy bling. I don’t think they’ll ever see their way onto any of the beams at the kennel thankfully.

So presents wrapped, some have been delivered, and others are yet to be given. Just where can I get Irn Bru, and tell me just what do cold battered Mars Bars taste like?!

Have a great weekend, whatever the days hold for you. Love Rocking Dog x

Scot Cuisine!, Rocking Dog

Scot Cuisine!

Let Them Eat Cake!, Rocking Dog

Let Them Eat Cake!

Simple Spot, Rocking Dog

Simple Spot

Voucher Envelope, Rocking Dog

Voucher Envelope

Template & Menu, Rocking Dog

Template & Menu

Stamps & Horse Brasses, Rocking Dog

Stamps & Horse Brasses

The Tale Of The Three Little Pigs

What's A Cookin' Piggy Cook? Rocking Dog

What’s A Cookin’ Piggy Cook?

…..So I’ll huff and i’ll puff and blow your house down….yes you get the drift! But no i’m not going to be talking about a story from childhood this morning, this blog is about 3 other little pigs!

The first pig is Piggy Cook which featured at many a Birthday party when I and my siblings were growing up. I think the fact that it was only bought out for high days and holidays means it has fared well over its 50 years. How ironic though that Piggy Cook is cooking bacon in his frying pan! With lighting effects, movement and noise it was and still is a real crowd pleaser.

The second pig is a Swedish pig. Translated, the Den Hariga Grisen Deli means The Hairy Pig Deli, and if you ever happen to be in Stockholm I can truly recommend it. Tiny, seating about 16 people it serves up the most delicious sausages, Glogg, charcuterie and Swedish beers. It has a gorgeous ambience with beams, open preparation area, misted windows and lots of wood (think Heidi’s cabin!). Very friendly staff and yummy food at reasonable prices together with the best Glogg make this a foodie destination to earmark. The little bread dough pigs which accompany the charcuterie platter are made by a retired Stockholm baker, charming. One word of warning do go to the loo before a visit to the Hairy Pig, they had to make a choice between a kitchen (essential for an eatery one supposes) and toilet facilities. It really is that small.

And finally the third little pig resides a little closer to home, that’s unless you’re reading this in Sweden. Yes the third pig is The Pig near Bath. However, there are other Pigs in the sty so to speak, including ones in the New Forest, and one in Studland, Dorset. Most interestingly one which is opening in the Alps, I might just take up skiing after all. Back to boring old Britain….The Pig at Bath is LOVELY, gorgeous food, fabulous decor, friendly staff and beautiful grounds to wander around. I could wax lyrical about the food but rather tire of reading the food critics pompously exclaiming dishes could do with a tad more seasoning etc… etc.. However…. I do have to say that the panna cotta was truly the best and possibly the most generous i’d ever tasted, and i’m a panna cotta expert witness!

So that’s the story of the three little pigs…. and they all lived happily ever after.

Have a wonderful weekend, wrap up warmly and drink some Glogg! Incidentally the Baileys still remains untouched, I can’t say that two weeks without alcohol has made me feel particularly invigorated, ecstatic about weight loss (?!) or given me the desire to walk around wearing a halo…BUT I am feeling pleased that Cancer Research (and my liver) will benefit.

But Where's Piggy Cook?, Rocking Dog

But Where’s Piggy Cook?

Hairy Pig Grub, Rocking Dog

Hairy Pig Grub

Charcuterie Pig, Rocking Dog

Charcuterie Pig

Bath Piggy, Rocking Dog

Bath Piggy

Fork To Plate, Rocking Dog

Fork To Plate

Divine Dessert, Rocking Dog

Divine Dessert

No Calorie Cakes

The No Calorie Doughnut, Rocking Dog

The No Calorie Doughnut

Yes NO calories, but completely tasteless and completely knitted! The fridge is cleared of almost everything naughty and the plan is to try and be good.

However, it is Andyman’s Birthday at the weekend and we have a lovely gift of money to spend on a meal. SO we are heading to “The Pig” near Bath, and yes we probably are going to be greedy little piglets! The food is really yummy as is the decor (sorry to be so superficial, for me that’s almost as important). It will be lovely to see “The Pig” in daylight, apparently the grounds are beautiful. There’s a kitchen garden, smokery, greenhouse and hens. I love the fork to plate ethos.

Back to knitted cakes. They, at grey times of the year brighten my kitchen under various glass domes. Bought in different places some cakes are hand knitted whilst others are store finds. Also pictured is a lead chocolate (a fudge perhaps?), an old shop display item. Definitely not one the Milk Tray Man drops in with!

Trying to be good I can definitely recommend one book “Cut The Carbs!” by Tori Haschka. Gorgeous recipes which are generally quick to prepare and cook, and are very flavoursome. I particularly love the Chicken San Choi Bow (page 96) and Black Bean, Chorizo, Sweet Potato and Coconut Bowl (page 82)

The Dryathlon continues in our household and the tempting Christmas bottle of Baileys remains untouched.

Cake Assortment, Rocking Dog

Cake Assortment

Knitted Wedge, Rocking Dog

Knitted Wedge

Lead Fudge, Rocking Dog

Lead Fudge

Carb' Bible, Rocking Dog

Carb’ Bible