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Enjoying A Bit Of Baking On A Lazy Sunday Morning

Sweet Infusion,Rocking Dog

Sweet Infusion

I hope the weekend was enjoyable and that you were able to stay snug! My weekend was one filled with lots of bits and pieces. I started on a Roman blind for the kitchen (I thought it was about time I made something for myself!), I looked for a new bathroom and nipped into see a friend. There was also an afternoon tidying the garden whilst coping with a prolonged hail storm. Poor Real Live Rocking Dog decided he did NOT like hail!

However, on Sunday morning it was all about a gentle spot of baking. I cooked another recipe from “Sweet” by Yotam Ottolenghi and Helen Goh. The latest sugary concoction was a Chocolate tart with hazelnut, rosemary and orange. Quite unusual for me I didn’t “go off piste” and followed the recipe almost to the T. Saying that I didn’t have enough hazelnuts for the praline/brittle so made up the shortfall with almonds and pistachio’s. I also chose to make the pastry by hand rather than in the processor. I’m sorry but pastry done with light handling cannot be surpassed by a swanky machine!

Pastry made, Rosemary sprigs brushed with egg white and dusted with sugar, cream infused, it was all gently enjoyable. I loved how the praline/brittle was approached in this recipe. Praline can be notoriously difficult and you can land up with a sugar crystal’y nutty heap. This brittle was made by placing the syrups and sugar into a pan, heating until the sugar dissolved and then transferring it into a lined baking tin to bake for 7 minutes.

With all the preparation done for the tart and The Archer’s sadly at an end I headed out into the garden.

With leaves gathered, steps brushed, little wild violets marvelled at, it was time for a bath and the return to my baking.

Whilst the tart was blind baking I melted chocolate, made a sabayon (egg yolks and sugar), chopped my brittle and read my recipe! The crisp tart base was given a layer of chopped nut brittle and awaited its chocolatey cloak. The chocolate, sabayon and strained cream were folded together and spooned into the tart case and baked for 12 minutes or so.

After cooling, the tart was given a generous dusting of cocoa and embellished with shards of brittle and the crystallised rosemary sprigs. I’m sorry about the finished picture, it honestly looked better in real life.

It was DELICIOUS! I LOVE Yotam, but then I think you already know that.

I hope you have a good week and stay cosy!

Love Rocking Dog x

Read The Recipe,Rocking Dog

Read The Recipe

Handle Carefully,Rocking Dog

Handle Carefully

Blind Bake,Rocking Dog

Blind Bake

Crystallise Rosemary,Rocking Dog

Crystallise Rosemary

Praline For Idiots!,Rocking Dog

Praline For Idiots!

All Dressed Up & Ready To Go!,Rocking Dog

All Dressed Up & Ready To Go!

Rocking Dog’s Scented Sewing Session

Packed Up & Ready To Go, Rocking Dog

Packed Up & Ready To Go

After two very muddy and blowy dog walks Rocking Dog escaped the elements and took refuge in the sewing room! I finished some stashes of masculine spiced lavender sachets and then got down to the business of sewing some Christmas stockings utilising fabrics found on Material Mountain.

The smell of the Yorkshire lavender was very heady and soporific, however The Archers Omnibus made my blood pressure rise considerably! When is the dreadful manipulative Rob going to be stopped in his tracks?! Grrrrrrrrr!!! I have a feeling it could be a very long and distressing storyline. Andyman makes fun of my love of the radio soap and has a habit of creating all the farm noises…very badly. My dear brother once had to dig out a basement in a New York brownstone to create a sound studio ( I rather think complete with pit filled with gravel to simulate someone walking on a rough pavement). Poor chap needed a back operation soon after this gigantium challenge.

Anyway enough of Rob, Ambridge and Linda Snell’s Calendar Girls my sewing session proved productive. Eight lined stockings await hanging loops and frouing. I think there’ll be some jingle bells to add to the Scandi’ inspired stockings and a felt carrot to adorn the one featuring white rabbits. Watch this space for the finished articles.

Driving back through Bristol earlier this week I was horrified to spot three houses already sporting Christmas decorations. Love Christmas decorations that I do, the thought of six or so weeks with them makes me feel quite nauseous! If I was being a real Victor Meldrew what does all this extra electricity cost to Grinch a house for such an extended period, I presume considerably less than a Cannabis factory!

Pattern Matching, Rocking Dog

Pattern Matching

Sacks To Fill, Rocking Dog

Sacks To Fill

Scented Contents, Rocking Dog

Scented Contents