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Blowing Away The Cobwebs Inside & Out

Blowing Away The Cobwebs, Rocking Dog

Blowing Away The Cobwebs

Whoosh! It was a week that blew in and blew out! There were opportunities to blow away the cobwebs and to appreciate some crisp winter days. One or two days brought beautiful frosts and clear blue skies. Whilst walking Real Live Rocking Dog early one morning I witnessed two Great spotted woodpeckers in the throes of a merry and noisy courtship dance close to the kennel. It was a real privilege. The same day my late afternoon walk took me to the field behind the kennel. The sky was truly spectacular. For half an hour I marvelled in its changing hues as the sun set. For some reason I started singing Bowie’s Life on Mars?,  very badly i’m quite certain. The cloud formations and colours really were the stuff of amazing Italianate ceiling artists. Glorious. ‘Dog and I walked back in the dark, and for the second time that day I felt nature- privileged.

With the clear nights I really should unbox my new telescope (thank you Andyman), and start fathoming the starry universe. I want to go beyond recognising The Plough and Orion’s Belt!

Whilst the cobwebs have been blown away outside, inside, Christmas stragglers are still surfacing! Stray baubles have been boxed in cosseting paper pulp egg boxes and attic re-entry will be required. I am not overly concerned because a dash of Christmas will be returning to the kennel in February…. don’t ask!

Spring cleaning and reorganisation is being attempted after the crud of Christmas has left. I particularly like my new makeup vessel! I bought a galvanised tin and glass seed propagator from John Lewis (£20 reduced from £40). For years I have had my makeup in a series of makeup bags on my dressing table, all rather juvenile. Now the series of tin pots hold my lippy’s and the like in a very organised fashion. I like thinking outside the box regarding storage, excuse the pun.

Thankfully, the fridge is beginning to gain its composure after the festivities. As ever its the time to try and eat a little more healthily now that the cheese has finally left the building! Sunday lunch was Ottolenghi’s Lamb Shawarma with a chopped salad, raw white cabbage with pickled green chilli’s and harissa pita. Yotam you are truly yum yum! Dessert was mulled poached pears (thank you for the inspiration Sally).

I hope the New Year is allowing you to blow away the cobwebs. Have a lovely week, love Rocking Dog x

A Sky To Paint, Rocking Dog

A Sky To Paint

Sale Purchase,Rocking Dog

Sale Purchase

Greenhouse Storage,Rocking Dog

Greenhouse Storage

Christmas Stragglers,Rocking Dog

Christmas Stragglers

Sunday Lunch,Rocking Dog

Sunday Lunch

What No Roasties?,Rocking Dog

What No Roasties?

Fast Food For Sunday Lunch

Fast Food, Rocking Dog

Fast Food

What could be lovelier than cooking for good friends, well that’s unless you hate cooking! Sunday’s menu was a little bit all over the place, part Spanish, Lebanese and Italian influenced. Shame on me, married to a Scot AND being Burn’s Night I should have been serving up Haggis, neeps and tatties!

However the menu was a starter sized portion of Tori Haschka’s Black Bean, Chorizo, Sweet Potato and Coconut Bowl followed by Yotam Ottolenghi’s Lamb Meatballs with Barberries, Yoghurt and Herbs served with rice. Pud’ was a Rocking Dog made up concoction which was well received. So here follows my recipe for a Limoncello Amaretti Mash Up!

Here’s how it goes- (based on 4 guests)

8 soft Amaretti
Limoncello (or other liquer of choice)
4 dessertspoons blueberry or blackcurrant compote/soft set jam
Small punnet blueberries or other soft fruit of choice
150ml double cream
150ml Mascarpone (I used a lighter version available in Sainsbury’s)
Finely grated zest of one lemon and a little of the juice
1 tbsp icing sugar
To decorate- a few blueberries and mint sprigs

* Roughly crumble amaretti into four wine glasses, sprinkle with a generous glug of Limoncello.
* Spoon a dessertspoon of compote or jam on top of the amaretti.
* Whisk Mascarpone, cream, zest and icing sugar together until mixture stands in soft peaks.
* Taste, and add in a little Limoncello and lemon juice. Taste again.
* Plop cream into the glasses – and leave in a heap rather than spreading.
* Decorate with mint and berries. I added a few baby Amaretti on mine.
* Place in fridge until serving.

I think these are best made on the day, so for all those neurotic fearful
entertainers they will HONESTLY only take 15 minutes and won’t require a hostess trolley!

…..and if you are not a pudding person (how often have I heard that said and then a guest comes back for thirds!) ….there’s always cheese.
Two pieces of cheese ( a lovely runny Chaource and a Montagnolo ) pimped within an inch of their lives!

How I love Sundays.

Pass The Cheese Louise !, Rocking Dog

Pass The Cheese Louise !