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Summer On A Plate

Peas In A Pod, Rocking Dog

Peas In A Pod

It was lovely to see the sun yesterday, it’s been such a funny old summer so far. The sun heralded the desire for freshly picked English crops, unfortunately nothing grown in the Rocking Dog garden. Ashamedly, my plot is not yielding anything apart from weeds and things of the somewhat wild floral variety!

Beetroot was peeled and diced and used to make a delicious and healthy soup. I always use a time favoured recipe from my Moro book. Voila! lunch sorted for a couple of days. I enjoy a little Greek yoghurt swirled through this particular soup.

I used to love seeing peas growing in my dad’s garden. The process would start with a good dig, then sieving the soil. Finally when Doug was happy with his soil, planting would begin. With Doug working for a seed company there was never a shortage of packets of seeds. Incidentally his workplace was a great place to play. The times my siblings and I would spend days jumping from towering piles of grain sacks in the warehouse. Recently my sister and I marvelled the fact that none of us had killed ourselves landing on the concrete floor! Back to the peas, Doug would meticulously space each of the pea seeds in shallow trenches. He would then gently cover the seeds with a layer of tilled soil and would water liberally. Later in the season bamboo canes and supporting strings would go up, more watering, and a nightly peruse to check on the crop.

I enjoyed podding my bag of peas, steamed I served them with some cod. The cod had been caught by Phil, a friend of my sons. Over the years we have enjoyed all the fishing talk, the catch of the day, filleting fish, “Extreme Fishing”, the one that got away etc.. etc.. I roasted the cod with strings of vine tomatoes, capers, lemon slices, Charlotte potatoes, olive oil and seasoning. Very simple, very delicious.

A plate of watermelon and raspberries completed this summery fest.

I hope the sun continues to shine and that you have a fantastic weekend.

Summer Digging, Rocking Dog

Summer Digging

Summer Colour, Rocking Dog

Summer Colour

Colourful Soup, Rocking Dog

Colourful Soup

Phil's Fish, Rocking Dog

Phil’s Fish

Ready To Eat, Rocking Dog

Ready To Eat

Summer Fruits, Rocking Dog

Summer Fruits