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Don’t Ask! Rocking Sews Giant Sushi.

Stupendous Sushi, Rocking Dog

Stupendous Sushi.

Yes, Rocking Dog has been sewing Giant Sushi! All will become clearer in the course of time but The Dog has been busy with various fabrics from the Material Mountain.

Nori, Japanese edible seaweed has been fashioned out of a speckled hand towel, there’s some cotton batting to simulate rice and various scraps for the butterflied shrimp and sprats. Greenery has been provided by a pack of Lakeland vegetable matting, whilst support for the structures is given with cushion fillers and flexible/fusable Vilene.

The purpose of these large inedible sushi will be revealed on Monday.

Hoping that you have a truly wonderful weekend.

…..Now back to making chopstick wrappers!

Kibinago, Rocking Dog


Marvels Of Lakeland, Rocking Dog

Marvels Of Lakeland