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Sewing Just For Me

A Boxful Of Bling, Rocking Dog

A Boxful Of Bling

Yesterday I did some sewing just for me, and no darling Sorrel I haven’t forgotten your bay window curtains! I was sewingly unsociable shut away in my workroom. The heat outside was uncomfortably unbearable and the news on the radio too depressing for words. I decided to simply shut the door and sew something creative for the kennel.

A cushion-less chair provided fodder for a Rocking Dog sewing pimp.The chair which dates from the 1930’s has been with us for the last 25 years or so. I can’t remember where it came from or how much (or little) we paid for it. For the majority of that time it has been cushionless and therefore a fairly large and useless piece of furniture. It’s funny how you live with some things without question, and the way that they harmoniously blend into the background despite their lack of function.

The day had finally come to make cushions for the long forgotten chair. I started with an old grain sack which my lovely friend Steph had bought me back from India. It had seemingly witnessed overfilled hard times, it required a little patching to make a serviceable cushion. I used some ancient Osborne & Little fabric salvaged from the bottom of my workroom curtains. The oval panels contain exotically dressed little figures and I thought these would make ideal sack patches. I used metallic thread to sew the patches and became evermore crotchety when the thread repeatedly snapped! I then added some Indian bling with sequinned paisley pieces, and glittery braids. I added detail to both sides of the sack, so that I could use the cushion with either the pink script or the red peacock. With all the patching and blinging completed I could then sew the sack into a cushion.

Whilst creating, I loved listening to Woman’s Hour, it was an edition dedicated to young women and social media. Oh dear, I did feel more than a little despondent listening to women with millions of followers on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc… My blog is a bit like my gym membership that I had for years, I was ever hopeful that one day I would jump out of bed and realise that I wanted to exercise for the rest of my life! Alas, the day never came and reluctantly I gave up my membership… but it took several procrastinatingly expensive years! As for my blogging… I sometimes wonder whether I should put my energies elsewhere, however there is always the hope that it will get spotted somewhere along the line…… Check out rubyetc …love that girls work and she deserves all those followers… She describes in line drawings my own struggles with bra shopping and the like SO blooming perfectly!

Back to Planet Cushion! Stuffing was a messy affair. I made a cotton liner commensurate in size to the sack. I then filled it with feathers and down from an old sofa cushion. The liner was given a few lines of stitching to prevent any feathers escaping, and then it was time to introduce the cover to the cushion pad. As I wanted the cushion still to be identifiable as a sack I top stitched the opening rather than doing a more conventional concealed seam.

For the seat cushion I used a remnant of brightly coloured Sanderson crewelwork (from the very lovely boys at Whittaker Wells) and completed it with ribbon ties. Thankfully I didn’t have to deal with more loose feather and down as I found a large cushion pad, phew! Voila! my sewing project was complete.

Yesterday evening I did a lovely Mall catch up with my friend Di (lots of talk and not a lot of shopping generally) and we spotted some great cushions in M&S, very Anthropologie. As ever the Dog loves to over-gild everything so I couldn’t resist a bobbled embroidered number to utterly frou the new chair.

Now for those bay window curtains……I’m done with being selfish!

Cushionless Chair, Rocking Dog

Cushionless Chair

Indian Grain Sack, Rocking Dog

Indian Grain Sack

TLC Needed!, Rocking Dog

TLC Needed!

Splendid Patch, Rocking Dog

Splendid Patch

Sequinned Bling, Rocking Dog

Sequinned Bling

Sew The Sack, Rocking Dog

Sew The Sack

Add Crewelwork Cushion, Rocking Dog

Add Crewelwork Cushion

Comfy Seat, Rocking Dog

Comfy Seat

Final Flourish, Rocking Dog

Final Flourish