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Going To See A Man About A Dog

Real Live Rocking Dog Smiling, Rocking Dog

Real Live Rocking Dog Smiling

No I’m not really going to see a man about a dog, but it was one of my dad’s favourite sayings! Rocking Dog is signing off for a little while because metaphorically she is going to see a man about a dog. I look forward to checking back in later next week. Hopefully there’ll be lots of creative and foodie posts tucked up my sleeve.

Until then have a truly lovely weekend. I hope the sun continues to try and break through wherever you are.

Love Rocking Dog x

Thinking today of all those who served, died (19,240 British Soldiers died on this day in 1916), were injured or miraculously survived the Battle of the Somme 100 years ago. They Will Never Be Forgotten.

Poppy Of Remembrance , Rocking Dog

Poppy Of Remembrance

Signing Off For A Little While

Beautiful Sign, Cuba, Rocking Dog

Beautiful Sign, Cuba

Rocking Dog is indeed signing off for a little while. I hope you’ll understand, but sometimes brain and thoughts and actions need to be committed elsewhere.

I look forward to signing back in soon with some of my ramblings!

Love Rocking Dog x