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Carb’ Fest Before The Famine!

Chocolatey Moreish Morsel!, Rocking Dog

Chocolatey Moreish Morsel!

Yes, I am going on the straight and narrow…… so that I can be more narrow! But before the banishment of anything which tastes remotely delicious there was just time to fit in a few lovely moreish morsels.

On a trip which saw me drop off dry cleaning, take back a rug, deliver a Christmas present (!), take the car to the garage, send post etc.. I decided to sit for 1/4 hour before more tasks sent me hurtling off in another direction. I chose to sit in Bakers & Co on Gloucester Road. A lychee and stem ginger spritz was a great reviver. I naughtily ate a delicious toasted Salichon, cavolo nero and emmental sourdough doorstep, and took photo’s of cakes which I was simply too guilty to eat!

During a wet and miserable dog walk early last week I spotted a rainswept poster. Attached to a telegraph pole (yes they really do still exist!) the poster invited women, (i’m guessing it precluded men as it was a WI poster) to a bakery demonstration. Interesting! So on Thursday I took myself to the church hall, paid my £3 as a visitor and had a thoroughly entertaining and inspirational evening. The speaker/demonstrator was Michelle Fricker who runs Crust and Crumbs from her home near to Bristol. She opens her doors one day week (Saturday) when visitors can purchase freshly baked breads and cakes. She and her chef husband typically have an hour or two’s sleep before getting up in the wee hours to bake through the night. With the couple having South African and Portuguese roots some of their bakes are influenced by their heritage. However, the Marmite and cheese loaf is definitely a British affair!

Michelle, together with two WI volunteers made some white bread dough using Shipton Mill flour. They kneaded enthusiastically and with increasing skill with Michelle’s guidance. The WI volunteers would later take their dough home, leave it to prove and then bake their loaves.

It was very obvious that Michelle was so passionate about what she does and so keen to pass on her bread making expertise. She had a plethora of delicious breads to taste together with breads, cakes, homemade Turkish Delight and marshmallows to buy. There were also local preserves and Peri- Peri sauce to sample and purchase. My thoughts were with Michelle and how she managed it all. I am guessing she would have been up in the early hours of Thursday morning to bake for the WI Session, then the session, and a days grace before getting up early hours of Saturday morning to bake for her regular Saturday Bakery. All this whilst juggling three tiny children. I felt exhausted by proxy!

Michelle’s enterprise reminded me of another home bakery which we discovered by word of mouth in Italy this year. Like Michelle, an ex potter opens her kitchen on a Wednesday and a Sunday for people to pour in to pick up artisan breads. The woman baker was German and her husband Italian, so there was focaccia, ciabatta, rye and pumpernickel, those wonderful multi-country influences, delicious!

Saturday, Andyman and I went to our first Burn’s Night of 2016- bagpipes (lots of them), kilts (ditto), haggis, and a whisky room (yes really). I didn’t do any highland reels so that haggis remains steadfastly on my waistline. Boo Hiss!

Sunday, we ventured with friends to the Souk Kitchen in Southville. Truly wonderful food – unless you’re a plain eater. Loved the halloumi with mango, carrot fritters, and pomegranate ice cream.

So, the time has come for me to be good, really, really good!

Edible Doorsteps!, Rocking Dog

Edible Doorsteps!

Chocolate & Cinder Toffee, Rocking Dog

Chocolate & Cinder Toffee

Rainswept Poster, Rocking Dog

Rainswept Poster

Chelsea Buns, Rocking Dog

Chelsea Buns

Umbrian Home Bakery, Rocking Dog

Umbrian Home Bakery

Last Supper At The Souk', Rocking Dog

Last Supper At The Souk’

In Search Of The Perfect Sandwich!

Pretty Perfect!, Rocking Dog

Pretty Perfect!

If you are in search of the perfect sandwich this weekend, and, you happen to be in Bristol …..Bakers & Co is a gorgeous cafe to go and get a pretty damned good sandwich!

With a pretty saturated cafe scene along the Gloucester Road, Bakers & Co are fairly new to the block. I sincerely hope they will be a long term gastronomic fixture. Interestingly, the sister business is a tapas bar, “Bravas” in Cotham. I have heard wonderful things about it. Our boy loved his jaunt there, and believe me he is difficult to please!

The menu at Bakers & Co is concise, but perfectly formed (I always find this so reassuring- no ping ping food here). At the doorway we were met by sacks of Shipton Mill flour, so goody goody the baking is done on the premises.

Brunch is served from 9 ’til 4 whilst the sandwich and salad lunch menu can be taken from 12 ’til 4. The menu changes regularly to take advantage of local seasonal ingredients and the menu proudly lists some of the cafe’s West Country suppliers.

I chose a Jamon, Rosemary, Manchego and Spinach sourdough sandwich, whilst Andyman opted for Mozzarella, Spanish bull heart tomato & Pesto toasted sourdough sandwich. Deeeeelicious!

The cheery canary yellow drinks menu contains all sorts of delights, I loved my Lemon, mint and cucumber soda. Wonderfully refreshing on a hot day watching the world, well, Gloucester Road folk go by.

Our lunch ended with delicious single estate coffee and the most amazing Caramel brioche sticky bun (which we boo hoo shared). It arrived in a warm pool of glossy caramel and was gone before I remembered to photograph it in all its glory! Apparently the lovely people at Bakers & Co are known to serve this with streaky bacon. Yum!

Lovely service, lovely drinks, a pretty perfect sandwich and as for THE bun….!!!!

As Arnie say’s “I’ll be back!

Perfectly Formed Menu, Rocking Dog

Perfectly Formed Menu

Cheery Cappuccino!, Rocking Dog

Cheery Cappuccino!

Oops!, Rocking Dog