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A Rocking Dog Make- Lined Drawstring Bags

Holiday Packing!,Rocking Dog

Holiday Packing!

Today a simple Rocking Dog make, lined drawstring bags. These stylish bags are off on a voyage today with friends. They will be perfect for collecting up holiday laundry or holding a stash of socks or lingerie.

Material Mountain was raided for fabrics (main, lining and appliqué scraps). Oh dear my burgeoning textile stash could do with a comprehensive sort.

I hope the photo’s in this post will give you an idea of how I tackled this project. I love the construction of the bags, as all the seams are completely concealed between the main and lining fabrics-ingenious!

Not much script today, it’s all on my blackboards!

Wishing you a lovely weekend and Bon Voyage to our seafaring friends.

Love Rocking Dog x


Material Mountain,Rocking Dog

Material Mountain

The Detail,Rocking Dog

The Detail

Hot Iron Required,Rocking Dog

Hot Iron Required

Applique'd Socks,Rocking Dog

Applique’d Socks

Sewing The Bag,Rocking Dog

Sewing The Bag

Important Gap,Rocking Dog

Important Gap

Coming Together!,Rocking Dog

Coming Together!

Magic!,Rocking Dog


All Sewn Up,Rocking Dog

All Sewn Up

Near To Finish Line,Rocking Dog

Near To Finish Line

Use A Safety Pin,Rocking Dog

Use A Safety Pin

Bon Voyage!,Rocking Dog

Bon Voyage!

A Rocking Dog Super Quick Sewing Project No2

The Project Components, Rocking Dog

The Project Components

So Tuesday brings another Rocking Dog Super Quick Sewing Project. I bought some great new pairs of reading glasses in TK Maxx, and needed some cases in the hope of prolonging their longevity. I have made cases before using fabric swatches, but this time I wanted to make neat lined numbers!

Today’s little project is therefore a LINED GLASSES CASE.

I hope the photo’s and accompanying black boards in this post give you a good idea of how to go about making your own cases. The reason for leaving a hole in the lining long seam is that all the raw seams will magically be concealed. Some of the stitching is pretty fiddly because of the size of the opening (Holding Stitches and Finishing Line Top Stitching). I certainly wouldn’t like to sew lined gloves!

The quantity of material needed will depend on the size of your glasses. Guesstimate by placing your glasses on some fabric and then fold to cover, add in a seam allowance and allow for any decorative cuff. Gingham and stripes are great to work with as they will give you straight lines for cutting. The outer fabric and lining fabric need to be cut to exactly the same size. If you make a snugly fitting case you will not need any fastening.

Sorry for brevity of instructions, I have a 5am start to pick up the Honeymooners from Heathrow, Aaaaaaahh love em! Back to reality lovebirds, all hands on deck in the lead up to Rio.

Same Size Fabrics, Rocking Dog

Same Size Fabrics

Sew & Press, Rocking Dog

Sew & Press

Short Seam Sew, Rocking Dog

Short Seam Sew

Lining Time, Rocking Dog

Lining Time

Lining Short Seam, Rocking Dog

Lining Short Seam

The Fabrics Meet!, Rocking Dog

The Fabrics Meet!

Holding Stitches, Rocking Dog

Holding Stitches

Magic!, Rocking Dog


More Magic!, Rocking Dog

More Magic!

The Finish Line, Rocking Dog

The Finish Line

A Rocking Dog Super Quick Sewing Project

Ingredients For The Sewing Alchemy, Rocking Dog

Ingredients For The Sewing Alchemy

For the last two days I have been working on making a coat to wear for The Boy’s wedding. After much procrastination I finally got down to cutting out the pieces. It sounds oh so easy but I am dealing with a pictorial fabric. It needs much jigging and re-jigging on the dressmakers dummy to balance the pattern. Sorry this all sounds very cryptic, and i’m surely hoping it doesn’t end up looking like a lab’ coat! I might be making a mad dash around the shops sometime very soon for an off the shelf creation. There have been painful moments, dealing with darts, un-fathonable instructions and a piece of pattern which went, and remains missing. Strangely though I am quite enjoying the process, apart from the fruitless search for pattern piece number 12!

In exasperated chinks of time I needed a “Keep Calm & Sew Simple” moment. Looking at Material Mountain I picked out some rolled napkin bundles, recently purchased in Sainsbury’s. Found on a clearance shelf, I bought 7 bundles at 80p each (2 napkins in each bundle). I had no plan for them but knew I liked the cream and red stripe. It reminded me of the abundance of red and white that adorned EVERYTHING in Stockholm. (Andyman will hate this link, a fan of Abba he is absolutely not!)

So my calming super quick sewing project turned out to be a replacement cushion cover for a kitchen chair. I timed myself and it took precisely 10 minutes to make from start to finish. With no fabric to cut, and no raw seams the napkins are ideal for a neatly finished cushion.

Instructions for your very own napkin cushion covers:-

1. Put your 2 napkins together right side to right side. Pin.
2. Start sewing just below the napkin hemlines and begin 3/4 way along one side of the pinned napkins. Continue sewing and when you get to the side that you started on leave a generous gap. This will allow you to pop your cushion pad in.
3. Turn the cushion right way out. Poke the corners out using a pencil or chopstick.
4. Pin and sew Velcro along either side of the gap.
5. If you wish you can sew some ties to your cushion so you can secure it to a chair. Place your cushion cover onto the chosen chair and mark in pencil, or pin where you want to sew your ties.
6. Press your cover and snip any loose threads.
7. Ease your cushion pad into your cover and secure with the velcro. Puff up your lovely new cushion.

Without even realising it the cushion really set off chair backs that I remodelled a few years ago. Originally Dutch style window panels, I added ties and used the panels to frou some utilitarian kitchen chairs.

With the cushion made for less than £1 and in less than 15 minutes, i’d say that’s a pretty good result. Eat your heart out Ian Mankin!

Now, just where is that wretched pattern piece………..!

Cunning Plan!, Rocking Dog

Cunning Plan!

Scandi' Inspiration, Rocking Dog

Scandi’ Inspiration

& The Clock Begins!, Rocking Dog

& The Clock Begins!

Velcro In The Gap, Rocking Dog

Velcro In The Gap

Optional Ties, Rocking Dog

Optional Ties

Plumped Up, Rocking Dog

Plumped Up

Window Panel Back, Rocking Dog

Window Panel Back

Kitchen Chair, Rocking Dog

Kitchen Chair

& Garden Bench, Rocking Dog

& Garden Bench