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Gifts For The Three Graces!

Jazzing Up Vouchers

Jazzing Up Vouchers

Rocking Dog hopes you have had a wonderful Christmas and with not too many “left-over”meals to endure! Our house is now empty and eerily quiet, and with the realisation that there are Christmas cards that never got posted and presents still awaiting their final destination. Winging their way to London as we speak are presents for The Three Graces a.k.a my lovely nieces. Sorry girls it’s another voucher year.. thought you’d appreciate a trip to murderously busy Oxford Street! Your cruel relatives.

Now for pimping boring plain envelopes. Use fairy cake cases of varying patterns and sizes to create a simple rosette. Use Pritt to glue the layers together. Finally add a pretty rosette centrepiece. I cut these Austen age fashionista’s from an old Selvedge magazine. Voila! A simple frou in literally seconds. (P.S Thank you to my girls for my luxurious Selvedge subcription…..Love it!)

In between eating we have managed some muddy dog walks. Real Live Rocking Dog truly recommends the Bath Skyline Walk. It has commanding views of the city and takes you through a variety of terrains. It certainly blew away the cobwebs on Boxing Day.

I want to make a start on cutting squares for a quilt for Sorrel and Pete. It’s going to be very Arts and Crafts, and I hope it will grace a home of their own, sometime very soon. The Rocking Dog material mountain has been revolutionised by a deep book case, thank you to Leon in Clifton Arcade. Materials are much more easy to select and organise… Hallelujah! The other bonus is that there is floor space freed up to pattern lay and dance!

Whatever the dying embers of 2015 brings, I hope you have an enjoyable time.

Beauty, Rocking Dog


Charm..., Rocking Dog


And Joy! Rocking Dog

And Joy!

Raindrops And Roses And Whiskers….

My favourite things, Rocking Dog

My favourite things

…..on kittens, you get the drift these are a few of my favourite things! Whilst on my trawl down Gloucester Road I found a stash of Selvedge magazines in CLIC. A truly yummy magazine for anyone who loves textiles, fashion and fabric history. Love it that I do, unfortunately it is expensive, so a very occasional treat. Selvedge also has a lovely online shop and there are details of delicious Selvedge events.

Back to Bright copper kettles and warm woollen mittens… browsing through one of my bargainous magazine stash I chanced upon an article about the talented Julie Arkell. How I love her work and I am lucky enough to have some of her jewellery pieces. Over the years they have been very gratefully received and very cherished presents. Alas I fear that her prices have risen, so my collection may have come to a rather sad conclusion.

The first piece came from a gallery in Bristol and is a heart shaped brooch which is a real favourite. However the little message “Looking at the sea drinking tea” is rather ironic because I hate tea! Like most of Julie’s work it is made of papier mache. This particular piece is studded with shards of broken china and embellished with a tartan ribbon.

Another heart brooch was a Valentines day gift. Andyman and I had travelled to New Zealand to meet long lost relatives and we were staying on North Island. I remember waking up after our 24 hour travels, opening the shutters and thinking “we’ve flown all this way and this looks like Dartmouth!” incidentally I love Dartmouth, honest. So this mosaic heart was given to me during our jet-lagged fug!

Other pieces have been sporadically added, all totally unique and uniquely loved. How I love a watch whose time stays completely still and which has such a pretty Liberty print strap. Meanwhile the little brooch with the ring of pearly beads has unfortunately been through the wars. It withstood a 50 degree wash and spin and i’ve tried my best to rejuvenate her.

I know folk art jewellery isn’t everybody’s cup of tea or coffee in my case, but give me mashed up paper and broken china over a diamond any day! ……Brown paper packages tied up with string, these are a few of my favourite things!

Have a lovely weekend. I still have the sledge on standby, and have my fingers crossed!

Yummy mag', Rocking Dog

Yummy mag’

First love, Rocking Dog

First love

Valentine, Rocking Dog


Timeless, Rocking Dog


50 degree wash, Rocking Dog

50 degree wash