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Rocking Dog’s Dusty Secret!

Land Of Dust & Glory!, Rocking Dog

Land Of Dust & Glory!

The set of old postal shelves by the front door at the kennel are Rocking Dog’s dusty secret! This display unit is often just too difficult to contemplate when I occasionally flit around with the duster. It is the depository for everything small and vaguely attractive.

I bought the shelves on a visit to Walcot Street, Bath about 25 years ago. I purchased this piece together with an old pine cello case. No, I don’t play the cello or indeed any instrument whatsoever. They were cheap. The postal rack has probably come from a factory or office and is pretty rough and ready, but I do sort of love it.

The contents are a mixture of kitsch, throw away, macabre, twee and sentimental. I love my dad Doug’s little metal scoop which he’d made at Kelso High School about 75 years ago. How lovely that his mum carefully kept it, and then that it survived one of my Mum’s decluttering binges!

Another of my dad’s treasures is the little dice throwing cup made of painted wood and aspires to being Chinese. Meanwhile my mum is represented by a little coil pot that she possibly made at teaching college. I feel the silver monogram napkin rings also symbolise my mum. We used napkins regularly, they were bound with old bone napkin rings with appropriate monograms. Very Hyacinth!

I really don’t know how the plaster dentistry casts have survived a cull. They represent years of orthodental treatment for one of the brood, and various dentistry for Andyman. Incidentally I met him as a result of dental work- he’d broken his jaw which was uncomfortably wired. I was a nurse on the surgical ward and well … the rest is history!

Lots of little dogs hide in one of the cubby holes, a mad mix of flock, of lead, china, plastic and wood. Anything vaguely Fox Terrier ticks all the boxes for me!

Some of the dusty treasures have been bought back from our travels. There’s a bisque bride and groom which would have graced a French Wedding Cake in the 1930’s perhaps. I bought the handsome marital pair in the beautiful coastal town of Honfleur. Then there’s the sweet little old black rag doll. I love her beautifully hand stitched clothes and painted toothy grin. I bought her in Seattle when we did a holiday house exchange. She came with the wooden watermelon wedge but I don’t know if they have always been paired.

The 1930’s napkin creatures are made from bakelite and bought from a jumble sale. I haven’t used them for neatly rolled napkins… but maybe one day!

There are Venetian glass sweets, pots and vases, brightly coloured lemon squeezers, miniature bottles, packets and tins. There’s a boot hook, paperweight, farm animals, Russian sequinned bauble and a whole host of dusty flotsam & jetsam!

Kids feel free to brush it all into a bin bag when i’m dead and buried…don’t feel burdened by the nonsense of all my clutter!

Puppy Love, Rocking Dog

Puppy Love

Napkin Creatures, Rocking Dog

Napkin Creatures

Dad's Metalwork, Rocking Dog

Dad’s Metalwork

Plaster Casts, Rocking Dog

Plaster Casts

Roll The Dice!, Rocking Dog

Roll The Dice!

3 Brown Bottles, Rocking Dog

3 Brown Bottles

Silver Monogram, Rocking Dog

Silver Monogram

French Bisque, Rocking Dog

French Bisque

Wooden Watermelon, Rocking Dog

Wooden Watermelon

Iconic Packaging, Rocking Dog

Iconic Packaging

Oh! The Clutter, Rocking Dog

Oh! The Clutter

....And There's More, Rocking Dog

….And There’s More

The Quilt, Ready To Leave The Rocking Dog Kennel !

Coveted Cosy Cover, Rocking Dog

Coveted Cosy Cover

Yes finally, the very first quilt of 2016 is ready to leave the Rocking Dog kennel. Buttons sewn, edging attached and the quilt given its very own embroidered verse, this quilt will be hopefully soon adorning a bed in Plumstead.

I decided against adding the vintage braids, the quilt even by my eclectic standards was becoming too busy! How appropriate to be sewing the quilt with an episode of Little House On The Prairie! There was even a quilt hanging from a door in the Little House, not too disimilar from my folky number! When we did a holiday house exchange to Seattle we took a trip to Leavenworth, a town so totally unique and a MUST for lovers of Christmas. The town was struggling, and in 1962 the towns people came up with a cunning plan to reinvent itself as a Bavarian town. Christmas all the year round, and housing a Nutcracker Museum which boasts over 5,000 examples. It was all very surreal! Anyway, driving away from Leavenworth we drove through land which was so reminiscent of Little House on The Prairie. One day I would love to do a bit of an American road trip to better understand the hardships of those early pioneers driving from east to west. Until then, i’ll have to make do with Little House.. and The Waltons!

Back to the quilt, the hand embroidered verse came about after my daughter Sorrel was decrying the fact that she was going to have to seriously cull her books ready for a house move. Like me, she has amassed a sizeable collection of cookery tomes. I hope she won’t be too ruthless. I thought Flaubert’s quote summed up Sorrel’s love of books and penchant for pickles. I am sure Sorrel’s husband too will have to consider a cull of all his beloved cycling magazines, Incidently, he likes pickles too!

As expected I was a little over ambitious regarding how many little projects I was going to complete. Ticked off the list are the quilt and my velvet jacket to bling. So the lanterns to paint, and dog bed cover still to sew, await my attention… maybe this week.

I don’t know when the next wave of quilting bodgery will wash over me, but I think my sore fingers need a little rest from ALL those buttons!

Have an enjoyable week ahead. Love Rocking Dog x

Patchwork Stash, Rocking Dog

Patchwork Stash

Once Just Pieces, Rocking Dog

Once Just Pieces

Then It Was Sewn, Rocking Dog

Then It Was Sewn

Embroidered Quilt Quote For A Future Home, Rocking Dog

Embroidered Quilt Quote For A Future Home

Labelled & Somewhere To Go, Rocking Dog

Labelled & Somewhere To Go

Quilted Bale, Rocking Dog

Quilted Bale