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2015 -It’s A Good Year For The Roses!

Rambling Rose, Rocking Dog

Rambling Rose

The Roses are blooming! Despite their terrible start with two weeks spent in the cellar and then the desperate digging in with snow on the ground…they are positively thriving. 2015 – It’s a good year for the roses!

With so many blooms Rocking Dog is utilising the scented petals for confetti. The dining table is therefore laden with racks lined with absorbent paper- and sprinkled with rose petals of various hues. Honeysuckle adds another scent, colour and texture. The smell throughout the house is simply intoxicating.

Flowers are best picked in the morning after any dew has evaporated. This will maximise the scent.

Dried for a few days, they will then be stored in large airtight jars until needed. Beautiful scented bio-degradable confetti for free.

Alternatively petals can be brushed with egg white and dusted with caster sugar, dried overnight and used to decorate cakes. Of course fresh roses can be used to decorate cakes for dramatic effect. Sweet memories of Umbria and Michele & Co!

Scented Confetti, Rocking Dog

Scented Confetti

Honeysuckle, Rocking Dog


There's Always Cake!, Rocking Dog

There’s Always Cake!