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Rocking Dog Fashion Week-it’s Rocking!

Embellishment For The Woman In Black! ,Rocking Dog

Embellishment For The Woman In Black!

As promised, to celebrate London Fashion Week Rocking Dog is having her very own Fashion Week!

Here follows a sneaky peak into my wardrobe, I wonder what Gok would say about some of the items it contains. In the words of Clarke Gable “Frankly my dear I don’t give a damn”, because I don’t want a wide belt, or to be overly accessorised or have my bangers Gok-handled!

As you can probably ascertain from one of the photo’s below there is an abundance of black, which is my winter “uniform”. In the summer the space will be given over to a predominance of white linen. In all probability this isn’t the most flattering colour against an ageing non-tanned skin! However, I LOVE white and I’ll intricately embroider myself a white shroud when the time comes!

Many of my clothes are very old. I’d rather pay a little bit more and have something i’ll love wearing for years rather that throw away done in a season fashion. The majority of my clothes are sale buys, but after numerous bad impulsive purchases I use a tried and tested formula. Therefore, I pick up a bargainous item and ask myself “if money allowed and the item was full price would I buy it?”. If the answer is no, I simply put it back on the rail, whilst a yes answer gets me running to the till!

Apart from one woollen tunic (which I only purchased two weeks ago) everything in my wardrobe has been worn- so no swing tagged hope to be worn space cloggers! Quite honestly my wardrobe is not very capacious so I simply can’t afford the space for clothes which “don’t pay their way”.

My winter black, and summer white uniforms are accessorised with jewellery, vintage scarves, a colourful coat, jacket or cardigan. These items ring the changes to three black skirts/ tops and 5 white linen skirts/trews and tops. Voila! A capsule wardrobe. Obviously there are other garments in a range of colours, these have usually been bought for special occasions. They are usually purchased because of delicious fabrics, detail, embroidery and unusual shape.

The places I love to shop are wide ranging. Kilver Court is great for it’s Toast concession with very reduced prices. Going shopping with my girls I realise there are some lovely pieces in Top Shop and H&M, but obviously give the playsuit and sculpted dress rails a wide birth! Recently, I bought a Top Shop dogtooth linen coat and tweaked it by adding some Norwegian floral braid that a friend had given me. I like a bit of customising to make things my own. If I find something I REALLY like i’ll try and buy in multiples, thus, I have three wool coats in different colours bought on an Italian market stall. At £50 each we struck a good deal doing a multiple purchase!

Zara is great for statement jewellery and scarves, and of course John Lewis is a good bet, especially during their winter and summer sales. I have bought unique vintage coats and scarves in charity shops and love the fact that no one else will have anything similar. Rag Trade, Bristol and other second hand dress agencies have been great over the years, both to buy and sell clothes. I particularly love a pair of shoes that I bought a few Christmas’s ago from Rag Trade. Never before worn, they are beautiful hand embroidered mules with the tiniest of stiletto heels. The shoes’ shape reminded me of the wooden clogs in The Arnolfini Portrait by Jan van Eyck. I bought them for a smidgen of what they would have originally cost. I have worn them somewhat uncomfortably….but I love them for their workmanship.

Regarding online shopping, i’m a bit of a dinosaur. I simply love feeling fabrics, trying on, and not having the hassle of sending things back. However, I have bought items from ebay and will look out for certain makes if I’m having an ebay moment!

Most of the time I am sadly in dog walking garb, anything to keep the chiselling winds and rain, mud and cold at bay!

So folks.. a few secrets of my wardrobe, have you anything to tell?

Black Overload, Rocking Dog

Black Overload

Scarf Stepladder, Rocking Dog

Scarf Stepladder

To Ring The Changes, Rocking Dog

To Ring The Changes

Embroidered Mules, Rocking Dog

Embroidered Mules

Yummy Button, Rocking Dog

Yummy Button

Customised Coat, Rocking Dog

Customised Coat