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Lazy Sunday Springtime Lunch At The Kennel

Rocking Dog's Springtime Sunday Roast, Rocking Dog

Rocking Dog’s Springtime Sunday Roast

A sunny weekend gave Rocking Dog the inclination to do a springtime take on the traditional Sunday roast.

An English leg of lamb was marinated for an hour or two with a mixture of chopped rosemary, garlic, lemon zest, freshly ground pepper, salt crystals and olive oil.
Meanwhile I prepared some beetroot cubes and baby new potatoes to roast, both were given a sprinkling of sea salt a drizzle of olive oil and the potatoes were sprinkled with some fresh sprigs of Rosemary.

A dressing was put together using finely chopped fresh mint, a little sugar, good quality red wine vinegar, salt and olive oil. Put to one side this would be used to drizzle the assembled ingredients.

A lamb joint weighing 2kg will need to be roasted for 1 1/2 hours at 180C (this is for rare meat). Allow time to let your meat stand for at least 15 minutes. Meat juices which have been driven into the centre of the meat during cooking will gradually redistribute throughout your meat if you allow it to rest. The result will be that the meat is more tender to eat.

I roasted my beetroot and potatoes for approximately 45 minutes and cooked some British asparagus spears ( each spear being divided into 3 pieces ) fleetingly.

To assemble my “roast” I laid a bed of raw baby spinach leaves and baby salad leaves in a large serving dish. I quickly added thickly carved slices of lamb, the beetroot, baby potatoes and asparagus. I drizzled on some of the dressing and took my roast to the table. Simple!

A variation of this dish could be to cook Sirloin or Topside of beef. A dressing of fresh horseradish and creme fraiche could anoint this springtime salad roast.

On Sunday I served a starter of arancini, something I had never made before. Basically risotto balls, mine included saffron, buffalo mozzarella and a hidden homemade pesto centre. I used bay leaves from the garden to embellish them. DIY bruschetta ingredients were also laid out, just in case the arancini were a disaster!

Pudding i’m afraid was an old faithful – roasted rhubarb, because we have a pleasing glut, and homemade vanilla ice cream.

Easy preparation, simple ingredients and lovely friends. Lazy Sunday springtime lunch Rocking Dog style!

Spring Has Arrived, Rocking Dog

Spring Has Arrived

Saffron Arancini, Rocking Dog

Saffron Arancini

Saffron Blooms, Umbria, Rocking Dog

Saffron Blooms, Umbria

DIY Bruschetta, Rocking Dog

DIY Bruschetta

British Lamb, Rocking Dog

British Lamb

British Asparagus, Rocking Dog

British Asparagus

Salad Components, Rocking Dog

Salad Components

Garden Crop, Rocking Dog

Garden Crop

Freshly Churned, Rocking Dog

Freshly Churned