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Who Do I Think I Am?

Who Am I?,Rocking Dog

Who Am I?

In my next life apart from coming back as a Scandinavian I will study History, Archeology or Geneology! I have always loved history and my poor family have become accustomed to withstand the latest information excitedly gleaned from Ancestry. Poor damp children have been tramped through muddy graveyards in Yorkshire and sent on their way to visit distant relatives in New Mexico! Meanwhile long suffering Andyman and I ┬áhave taken a trip to New Zealand knocking on the doors of Scottish ancestors. In for a penny in for a pound we looked up folk whose ancestors lived and baked in the Rocking Dog Kennel in the 1800’s and now reside in Rotorua.

Who Do You Think You Are? is my sort of TV viewing. I really can understand those tearful Jeremy Paxman moments. During my own family research I found a relative who had died in a bakery accident. His wife and children were shipped off to America, i’m certain to relieve the state of maintaining the families welfare. There was the relative who was in a Scottish workhouse, and the poor woman with four daughters who was cast aside by her husband to marry another who produced sons. There are large families, many child deaths, an illegitimate child born to a servant girl. There is TB, war service, widowhood, drudgery, a judge, global travel, philanthropy, entrepreneurism, farming the land and Chalmers gelatine!

With all this ancestry nerdism my girls chose well with their Christmas gift, an Ancestry DNA kit. Today I will spit in a tube, add the stabilising solution and post my DNA in the prepaid box. As the meerkats say…Simple! In approximately six weeks I will be e.mailed with the results. The test gives insights into ethnicity, where ancestors were from and what migratory journeys they went on. Ancestry has a huge database and can connect with 90,000000 family trees. It can help find long lost relatives or even prove that you are related to an important historical figure. I’m certainly not expecting to be linked to Richard III, William Shakespeare or the like! My mothers family worked the land in Yorkshire and I have gone back (with the help of other Ancestry subscribers) to around 1550. Regarding my Scottish fathers ancestry there were always mootings of a French connection. Very possibly they came to UK as persecuted Huguenots. We will see!

Still on an ancestry theme I have been continuing to do some research for the Remember Me Project. I have set myself the task of researching in depth the lives of the 53 World War names on the Whiteshill Common Memorial. Though not my ancestors, the census’s and other documentation does give one a real sense of these local lives.

Have a lovely week and stay cosy!

Love Rocking Dog x

Box Full Of Surprises,Rocking Dog

Box Full Of Surprises

DIY DNA,Rocking Dog


My Ancestry,Rocking Dog

My Ancestry

Sepia Ancestors,Rocking Dog

Sepia Ancestors

Someone Else's Ancestors,Rocking Dog

Someone Else’s Ancestors

French Blood?,Rocking Dog

French Blood?

Let Them Eat Cake! Rocking Dog Bakes

No Calorie Cake, Rocking Dog

No Calorie Cake

Very occasionally I put my “Heaven’s Cake” hat back on and agree to do a little bit of catering. So this weekend I am indeed going to be baking for a hundred hungry folk. Our lovely builder and his siblings are throwing a surprise party for their Mum to celebrate her eightieth birthday. Added to the cake, scones and tea surprise, unbeknown to her, one of her sons and family will be popping by from New Zealand! Recovering from a very recent hip operation I am sure this bash will be a restorative tonic for her.

The cooker will be going full pelt to produce Buttermilk Scones, Chocolate Brownie, Gilded Chocolate Caramel Slice, Sloe Gin Rocky Road, Raspberry Mascarpone Cake, Macaroons etc….

It will be lovely for the house to be filled with the aroma and heat of baking, for, the original purpose of the house was a village bakery. There are many census’s with Ludwell bakers and visiting journeyman bakers listed at our address, and part of our kitchen is double height, it’s purpose a towering flour barn. There is even a tethering ring for a horse next to our larder cupboard! The last of the Ludwell bakers emigrated to New Zealand at the very start of the 1900’s. They must have anticipated that a motorway was going to be roaring past their business one day. In 2000 we were fortunate to meet some of the Hambrook bakery ancestors in Rotorua. Anyway I mustn’t get started on ancestry it’s ALL about the cake!

Lovely cakes deserve lovely china, so I will be dusting off boxes of pretty vintage china. There’s homemade floral bunting, a cricket pavilion venue and forecasted sunshine…… perfect! I’m sure this plucky octegenarian will be truly touched that her children have hatched such a thoughtful and cunning plan.

Talking of cake, I was at Bakers & Co with a friend on Wednesday, and their cakes were sublime. We sampled Caramel brioche sticky bun ( a guilty second time pleasure for me!) and a Raspberry and Almond Financier. Yum Yum Yum! As ever attentive friendly service, a sunny table watching the world go by and the most amazing freshly made Beetroot juice. The juice felt so detoxifying that we almost ate the cakes (and gorgeous sour-dough sandwiches) guilt free!

Whatever you are doing this weekend I hope there is a delicious piece of cake involved! Best wishes to one and all.

English Cream Tea, Rocking Dog

English Cream Tea

Free Range Baking, Rocking Dog

Free Range Baking

For A Vintage Birthday, Rocking Dog

For A Vintage Birthday

Bakers & Co Bun, Rocking Dog

Bakers & Co Bun

Bakers & Co Yumminess!, Rocking Dog

Bakers & Co Yumminess!

Over Gilding The Lily!, Rocking Dog

Over Gilding The Lily!

Moist Macaroons, Rocking Dog

Moist Macaroons

For Drizzle!, Rocking Dog

For Drizzle!

Archive Cake By The Dog, Rocking Dog

Archive Cake By The Dog