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It’s Been A While. Shame On You Rocking Dog!

Hand Washing a la Francais!, Rocking Dog

Hand Washing a la Francais!

Writer’s Block has rather taken it’s toll on me this sunny June! Thankfully I possessed enough verve to complete envelopes for some important “Save The Dates”. It was lovely to put my recently acquired calligraphy skills to use (thank you to Meticulous Ink and The Makery). Another envelope project was to pretty up a plain envelope to gift some cash. A ripped Selvedge magazine image and Mrs Beetonesque calendar cake shred did the trick in a jiffy!

The memories of Chelsea Flower Show still casts a warm glow, and I have been busy trying to make strides with my own garden. The latest purchase has been an old roll top bath from Ebay. This is the first one of a planned four which will form raised beds for my kitchen garden. This time next year the baths will hopefully be bursting forth with salad leaves, herbs, chard and a myriad of other edibles. Not quite The Good Life…. but…!

The garden is a sea of pretty weeds, new planting, and Mr Dursley’s pesky rubble. Mole hills (Grrr!) proliferate at an alarming rate. I even glimpsed the mischievous velvety little fella doing his worst! To add to the general mayhem we are having a new run of fencing, but this has come to a grinding halt. A blackbird is sweetly, but everso slightly inconveniently nesting on the rear of one of the old panels. Work will therefore restart once the chicks have fledged, Aaaahhh! Meanwhile, confetti production continues, cherries ripen, elderflowers need picking for summery concoctions and we need rain to replenish the brook.

Sewing has recommenced with Rocking Dog making laundry bags to stash away items for hand washing. All too often a favourite woollen or silk scarf has mis-adventured into the washing machine. Has it happened to you? I guessed a drawstring bag to separate delicates could be useful. Using pretty up-cycled fabrics for the gloved hand appliqué, I then hand stamped the bags with the words “Lavage a la Main” (which I truly hope means washing by hand in French). These bags will be for sale at a future Rocking Dog event. They would be perfect for packing in a holiday suitcase.

Another laundry project has been to wash and starch some lovely 1930’s table linen. Oh decisions, which pieces can I bear to part with…. and just exactly how many tablecloths does a girl need?!

Finally we all have to eat… and how lovely to use rhubarb from the garden for a Jamie Oliver recipe. Summer on a plate!

Rocking Dog is pleased to be writing again.

Vintage Laundry, Rocking Dog

Vintage Laundry

Cash Envelope, Rocking Dog

Cash Envelope

Save The Date!, Rocking Dog

Save The Date!

Garden Confetti, Rocking Dog

Garden Confetti

Ebay Roll Top Bath Time, Rocking Dog

Ebay Roll Top Bath Time

Summer Cooking, Rocking Dog

Summer Cooking

Parsley, Sage, Rosemary & Thyme….

Heavy Metal, Rocking Dog

Heavy Metal

These words are from the lyrics of the traditional English song“Scarborough Fair”.In 1966 the song was revived by Simon and Garfunkel. “Are you going to Scarborough Fair? Parsley, sage, rosemary, & thyme. Remember me to one who lives there, she once was a true love of mine”…

The time has come for some self sufficiency, so I have been planting herbs to avoid the exorbitant cost of piddly little supermarket packets! Indeed I have planted Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme, together with Bay, Mint, Basil, Oregano and Caraway. There are also plantings of Dill, Fennel and Angelica, Chives, Sorrel and Coriander.

Over the years I have accumulated various tin buckets, watering cans and baths. These are perfect for growing herbs, never seem to age, are indestructable by frost and look good when amassed with old terracotta pots. I also love my roll top bath, which came from an Undertaker’s. When we were living in Chippenham in the late 80’s I spied the forsaken bath from a bedroom window. I cheekily asked the neighbouring Undertaker’s whether I could buy the bath. A few £’s later Andyman and I were lifting the extraordinarily heavy bath across the gardens of five properties to finally reach ours. Since then it has done four more house moves and gone through numerous colour changes, with another one beckoning! There is another bath story but that can wait until another day.

I am looking forward to the herbs establishing themselves, and being able to pick mint for summery Moroccan style mint infusions. Both savoury and sweet recipes will benefit from my latest herb growing efforts, together with producing great Mojito’s!

One of my most favourite smells in the world is watering herbs after a baking hot day. I can imagine it already!

Newly Planted, Rocking Dog

Newly Planted

Herbal Bath, Rocking Dog

Herbal Bath

Undertaker's Bath, Rocking Dog

Undertaker’s Bath