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Getting Ready For Redland Fair

Not My Brooch!, Rocking Dog

Not My Brooch!

Sewing, pricing, packing, stamping labels, frouing, Rocking Dog busy getting organised for Redland Fair on Monday. Hope you’ll be able to come and say hello. You might need to bring your brolly and sunglasses, but whatever the weather it’s always fun. To avoid the crowds come early, and bring a blanket to sit and watch the world go by!

Have a lovely weekend whatever part of the world you’re in!

Aga Saga Banner, Rocking Dog

Aga Saga Banner

For Holiday Stash!, Rocking Dog

For Holiday Stash!

Lovely Labels, Rocking Dog

Lovely Labels

Lacy Vintage Bunting, Rocking Dog

Lacy Vintage Bunting

Vintage Table Linen, Rocking Dog

Vintage Table Linen

Bakelite & Mr Morris, Rocking Dog

Bakelite & Mr Morris