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Try Something New Every Week

Full Of Vitamins, Rocking Dog

Full Of Vitamins

It’s tempting to stick to tried and trusted favourite recipes, but I do like to try something new every week. Usually the Cook section from the Saturday “Guardian” provides one or two new recipes for the week ahead. The benefit of selecting recipes from the latest issue is that the recipes are seasonal and use produce at its cheapest and best.

Some recipes are relished and filed, whilst others are abandoned after  their first outing.

Recently I made two “Guardian” soups. One was a Thai inspired affair which included coconut milk, lemongrass, buckwheat noodles and tofu (but prawns would be a good substitute). The other soup was given the briefest of introductions to the hob, and utilised little gem lettuces, corn on the cob and fresh herbs. I felt as if i’d had my five a day in one bowl! Both were really quick to prepare and will make it to the recipe file.

I am gradually beginning to look at recipes online, but still favour my shelves of cookery books.

Although I consider myself a competant cook I am not someone who wants to spend a day slaving over one dish. In my days of running “Heaven’s Cake” I once did a consultation for a woman who wanted me to cook for a large party. It became very apparent she had been on rather too many swish cruises and wanted everything done in aspic and served on mirrors! To recover from this rather awkward appointment I took myself off to a garden centre with the cheery thought of buying a topiaried holly. Alas, with a price tag of about ¬£200 I decided that although I felt glum … the tree was a step too expensively far. I later fired off an e.mail to say I really didn’t think I was the right person for the job and hoped that she could find an ex-cruise liner chef (I didn’t really say that last bit). Oops! I then had to endure the most terrifying and balshy phone call from her. How very dare I not want to do her aspic’d party! How very right I was to go with my gut feeling of not wanting to work with this lady.

I cooked for some wonderful events and generally worked with some lovely people. However there are just a few jobs that are memorable for being led by bridezilla’s or clients with a touch of the “Upstairs Downstairs” mentality. I do not understand why fellow human beings cannot see that politeness and kindness mean that people will go that extra mile for them.

As for that arrogant bride’s father who whistled at me to get my attention…. don’t get me started!!!!

Yes, I have gone way off the beaten track with trying something new. Sorry. I hope you have a lovely weekend and hope that you put your toe in the water and try something new.

Love Rocking Dog x

Gathering The Harvest , Rocking Dog

Gathering The Harvest

Foodie Print, Rocking Dog

Foodie Print

Pretty Page, Rocking Dog

Pretty Page

A Yummy Salad For The Weekend

Summer Yumminess! , Rocking Dog

Summer Yumminess!

Sometimes it’s very easy to get into a rut with cooking and eating. Same old, same old! Last weekend I spotted a yummy salad recipe in Saturday’s Food section of the Guardian. It fulfilled the criteria of being quick to prepare, healthy, and importantly did not have a Domesday sized list of ingredients.

Thankfully I remembered Suzanne Anderegg’s recipe for Butternut squash, feta and raspberry salad before the papers reached the recycling bin.

The gist of the recipe is roasted butternut squash, pumpkin seeds, salad leaves, broad beans, feta and raspberries. A zesty lemon and mint dressing completes this main course salad. My mother in law at times is somewhat perplexed that I am not putting meat and two veg’ in front of her son. Very probably she gets more disgusted that he often chooses to cook. Stereotypes indeed still sadly exist!

Back to this very yummy salad. As ever I put my own slant on the dish (I hate the word twist!) Therefore, I replaced broad beans with inexpensive locally grown asparagus. I am conscious of food miles and do try to buy local seasonal food where possible. It’s often cheaper and tastes infinitely better.

This salad was easy to prepare and very delicious. I think it helped that we were still able to sit in our dusky garden to eat it at 9pm. Bliss.

This would be a great salad to serve up with barbecued meats. Here I feel another stereotype coming on…. men standing around BBQ with beers in hand, women indoors getting to grips with salads, bread, pudding, plates, napkins, kids and burn plasters etc…etc…! Ring any bells?! I have to say Andyman really despises BBQ’s, he so wants to dispel the myth that it’s the only cooking that the male species is capable of!

Salad eaten, I was careful to quickly cut out the now tried and tested recipe and to file it in my trusty recipe folder. Good job!

Whatever the weekend brings I hope it’s a good one for you all, and that the sun carries on shining. Love Rocking Dog x

'Tis The Season To Be Jolly!, Rocking Dog

‘Tis The Season To Be Jolly!

The Recipe, Rocking Dog

The Recipe

Finished Result, Rocking Dog

Finished Result