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After The Rain, It’s A New Dawn, It’s A New Day

It's A New Dawn, It's A New Day,Rocking Dog

It’s A New Dawn, It’s A New Day

It rained heavily here on Monday. It was really wet rain, large long wet drops that saturated everything. With Real Live Rocking Dog and a guest dog, Darling Dougie (a Labrador/Scottie Dog cross) to walk, the weather had to be simply …well..weathered!

How lovely therefore to awake yesterday to a beautiful morning. The warmth and the moisture meant that there were fairy rings of various species of fungi in the field. There was even a circlet of red mushrooms, the stuff of illustrated children’s books. Alas, the mushrooms had been blemished and disfigured by hungry creatures unknown. The field is now devoid of colour save some clover and a sprinkling of moon daisies. Hedgerows of blackberries, haws, elderberries and sloes continue to flourish and ripen. Fat wood pigeons feed and somewhat noisily and ungracefully take to the skies after their fill of natures harvest.

Down by the Frome it was quiet. There were the first characteristic smells of the impending autumn. Leaves, beech masts, conkers and wet mud all formed part of the intricate riverside carpet. This carpet was positively autumnal, but the woodland canopy punctured by blue sky was still decidedly summery.

After dog walking an adored friend and I went to Kilver Court. It was lovely to talk, drink coffee, browse and simply enjoy each others company. As we walked to the car there was the most amazing patch of wild flowers. It was such a lovely splash of colour and so much more magical than uniformly planted beds filled with low maintenance shrubs.

Natures Carpet,Rocking Dog

Natures Carpet

Mushroom Harvest,Rocking Dog

Mushroom Harvest

Woodland Canopy,Rocking Dog

Woodland Canopy

Infant Pine Cones,Rocking Dog

Infant Pine Cones

Rosy Red Apples,Rocking Dog

Rosy Red Apples

Late Summer Colour,Rocking Dog

Late Summer Colour

Jollying The Rocking Dog Front Door

Rocking Dog Door Dec', Rocking Dog

Rocking Dog Door Dec’

Rocking Dog loves to jolly the front door of the kennel at this time of year. With autumn gradually leaking into the shortening days of summer I love to gather hedgerow fodder.

Walking everyday with Real Live Rocking Dog, my boot marches give me such a wonderful opportunity to appreciate the changing seasons. Even if there is torrential rain and the prospect of a doggy ramble is rather unpleasant, once out the rain feels good!

Yesterday was gloriously sunny and the hedgerows were scarlet with haws and ripening blackberries. I gathered together a few thorny branches, sprigs of acorn’d oak and some teasels. I would make a door decoration.

Back at the kennel I arranged the botanical booty. I am not one for symmetry so my door decoration has a little bit of a life of its own! I used twine to secure my bunch and added a tie of autumnal coloured braid. Tied to the old door handle I gave the decoration a final frou. It’s not my finest 10 minutes of flower arranging, but the berry’d bunch gives the house a lovely welcoming touch.

I hope whatever the weekend brings that it is a good one for you. Love to friends en route to Italy and Florida.. Bon Voyage and have wonderful memorable times with all those scrummy little ones!

Hedgerow Pickings, Rocking Dog

Hedgerow Pickings

Beautiful Brambles, Rocking Dog

Beautiful Brambles

From Little Acorns..., Rocking Dog

From Little Acorns…

Gathered, Rocking Dog


Bunched, Rocking Dog


Last Year's Door, Rocking Dog

Last Year’s Door