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Gosh! We’ve Tipped Into October!

All The Leaves Are Brown, Rocking Dog

All The Leaves Are Brown

Gosh! We’ve tipped into October! Please tell me how this has happened. Amazingly, it is exactly a year since I started my Rocking Dog Blog. This is my 186th post and it has been lovely having your company along the way. I will bare my soul and tell you why I started blogging in the next couple of weeks.

October is a real transition month, especially when we have been blessed with such beautiful weather. People are still in summer garb, meanwhile, the shops are filled with the last floaty dregs of summer clothing and the wools and tweeds of winter. Some retailers are unashamedly putting out Christmas stock whilst others are doggedly resisting until November rears its frosty head!

October last year, I was praising the humble pumpkin. It should be roasted, pureed, souped and not just carved! (I am a Halloween killjoy!) I was also cooking quince and extolling the praises of the fruits wonderful aroma whilst they stewed. It undeniably remains one of my most favourite smells … ever (but ripening tomatoes in a sun parched greenhouse probably is up there too!) Sloes were being picked, and this year i’ll be waiting for that first frost before heading out to pick them again this year. There appears to be a truly bountiful crop. Remember to keep the sloes after they have done their sloe gin magic. They are a fantastic addition to Rocky Road and for an autumnal take on Summer Pudding. They’d also add flavour to sauces and gravies to accompany a Sunday roast.

Last October we went on one last trip to the sea before tucking our beloved Pod up for the winter. Again, this October we hope to do one last toe curlingly cold trip. We will take hot water bottles, hot chocolate supplies, woolly socks and our Real Live Rocking Dog foot warmer! Bracing walks being battered by coastal winds what could be better? Some would say lying on the same beach on a hot summers day would be absolutely preferable. One Man’s Meat Is Another Man’s Poison as they say!

Oct 2014, last minute plans were being made to head off on our Italian holiday (does any other mad soul take their holiday in October/November?) Oct 2015, another trip beckons, – vintage textiles, olives, autumn sunshine, gondola’s, Vin Santo, and gorgeous friends. We are truly fortunate.

Last October Rocking Dog was busy making, wrapping, labelling, and somethings never change… but what I make hopefully does. So there are lots of sewing projects on the Rocking Dog work bench. I HAVE to organise some serious sewing time. Any other makers please give me your tips on how you schedule your day. Do you have a set routine, do you lock the door and turn the key, let the laundry bin overfill, not answer calls etc…. etc..? I think i’d rather like a sewing turret in the clouds!

So very nearly a year on from my very first blog I hope you’ll continue to dip in and out. Some of you I personally know and thank you for your love and support. Others of you I don’t know.. but thank you for reading, liking, commenting. If anyone wants a little personalised trek around Bristol or surrounds give me a shout. We can visit foodie, vintage and historical haunts in a city I quite know and love.

Have a very lovely October.

Dog Bowl. Rocking Dog

Dog Bowl

Comforting Bowl, Rocking Dog

Comforting Bowl

Making Plans, Rocking Dog

Making Plans

Seasonal Makes, Rocking Dog

Seasonal Makes

Quince Magic, Rocking Dog

Quince Magic

Avoiding Halloween, Rocking Dog

Avoiding Halloween

Take A Peek In The Larder!

in a pickle, rocking dog

In A Pickle!

Yes, please take a peek in the larder!
Liz and daughter Sorrel have been busy concocting delicious things for the fast approaching festive season. Pickled limes and lemons, Stem Ginger, Spiced Orange Slices (delicious with gammon) are just a few of the wonders on sale this Sunday (Please contact Rocking Dog for timings). Sorrel’s Jewelled Quince Paste is a wonderful accompaniment on a cheese board and makes a great stocking filler whilst Cherry and Pistachio Biscotti make for posh coffee dunking!
There’ll be a range of freshly baked mince pies and cakes on sale together with gorgeous hand sewn gift items. Liz’s very talented friend Stephanie will be offering a cornucopia of wonderful and unique pieces for sale (that’s if Liz hasn’t purchased it all!).

The house will look jubilant in its eclectic festive splendour and there’ll be warming festive punch and Michael Buble, together with gorgeous things to nibble on (but not Michael unfortunately!) Profits from refreshments are going to the charity AFRIpads with £90 having already been donated. Thank you.

Now for the massive task ahead…emptying eleven boxes of Christmas decorations and prettying a tree that was destined for compost! I felt so sad for this little tree that I elected to give it a home, thus giving it an albeit transient moment of twinkling glory. You can put the tissues away now!

spice up christmas, rocking dog

Spice Up Christmas!

sublime lime, rocking dog

Sublime Lime!

jewelled quince paste, rocking dog

Jewelled Quince Paste

Membrillo and Memories

Garden Quinces
Truly the most delicious smell in the world has to be quinces simmering in a pan. The year Sorrel and I cooked together in a cafe bar in Bristol we made a vast quantity of Membrillo….happy days! Delicious with Manchego, in Frangipane tarts and as a glaze for baked ham. Be sure to constantly stir because I can assure you that burnt quinces sure don’t smell that good! Have a fantastic weekend, foraging, leaf clearing, keeping warm!
Membrillo Recipe