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Rocking Dog Just Loves A Good Envelope!

No Boring Envelope For Rocking Dog!, Rocking Dog

No Boring Envelope For Rocking Dog!

Yes indeedy! Rocking Dog just loves a good envelope. A good envelope inevitably heralds something rather lovely inside. The grimness of finding those all too familiar window’d envelopes on the mat is somewhat depressing. It’s with the well programmed knowledge that we all know that they usually contain the post Christmas bank statement, utility bill or worse!

There is something wonderful about a handwritten envelope (although in the past I was all too petrified when I recognised the hand writing of a persistent stalker). Yesterday I made Burn’s Night invite envelopes using wonderful wrapping paper bought in Anthropologie. I was deliciously and miserly coveting it, but then thought heck what’s the use of leaving it in its cellophane bag! I used my wooden envelope template to make the stylish envelopes, and scissors and Pritt to finish the job. I deemed invites for posting needed more robust affairs, so cut bears, hatted rabbits and sun glassed tigers and pasted the eccentric creatures onto brown envelopes. Job done.

The pictures below are a catalogue of Rocking Dog envelope adventures. A journey of glue, wallpaper, old menus, material, calligraphy and thought.

The trade envelope shows that my great grandfather Robert Cresser loved an embellished envelope to send out invoices in the early 1900’s for brushes for flues, lums and pipes.

I loved the oh so pretty envelope sent this Christmas by lovely neighbours, it was as lovely as the card it contained. I read that somewhere that it really cheers postal staff to have a good envelope to sort and post.

Meanwhile I couldn’t resist a bundle of empty envelopes found in a charity shop recently. Dating from the 1950’s they are predominantly written to Lloyds Bank on the Isle of Man. Delicious postmarks and stamps see them posted from all corners of the globe. The man in the charity shop was rather apologetic about my having to pay 50 pence for each of these little treasures. One mans meat is another mans poison as my mother used to say! Someday they will find their way into a Rocking Dog collage or wrapping paper design I am quite sure.

Rocking Dog is off on a flying visit to York this weekend. It will be lovely to revisit this gorgeous city and I hope i’ll come home really inspired.

Whatever you are doing this weekend I hope it’s a really happy one for you. Stay cosy! Love Rocking Dog x

PS. Poor Real Live Rocking Dog is destined for a hot soapy bath this morning ready for his mini break in Wiltshire. Grrrrr! he’s not fond of the bath tub is RLRDog!

Magic Template,Rocking Dog

Magic Template

Voucher Envelope, Rocking Dog

Voucher Envelope

Save The Date, Rocking Dog

Save The Date

Jazzing Up Vouchers

Jazzing Up Vouchers

Trade Envelope, Rocking Dog

Trade Envelope

Cash Envelope, Rocking Dog

Cash Envelope

Voila!, Rocking Dog


Oh So Pretty!,Rocking Dog

Oh So Pretty!

Charity Shop Finds,Rocking Dog

Charity Shop Finds

Rocking Dog Upcycled Gift Tags

Tags Looking For Presents, Rocking Dog

Tags Looking For Presents

Happy Monday!

With an accumulation of magazines piling up I decided to remove useful recipes etc.. and then salvage small scale images to make a plethora of gift tags. Armed with an A4 paper trimmer I made light work of cutting chosen images and then used brown luggage labels (of the recycled card species) to mount these pictures. I laid the pictures onto the labels and grouped them so that five pictures complemented each other. Therefore I had groups of Champagne stoppers, Summer flowers, citrus fruits, Christmas images (perish the thought!)etc…

Pritt (do not accept imitations!) stuck the images firmly in place and then where there were gaps on the tag I stamped various messages. The undersides were printed with To and From in most cases. Twine and thin ribbon were used to complete the tags.

The strung tags were then loosely knotted together in their fives. They are now looking for presents to adorn- the Christmas ones having a little bit of a long wait. Voila!

I was supposed to be moving a largish dry stone wall over the weekend in preparation for raised vegetable beds. Andyman and I were inspired by the rather rustic raised beds that we saw at our Agritourismo in Orvieto in November. Unfortunately plans for getting our vegetable garden underway got rather thwarted when I couldn’t make decisions of where to move the resulting stone from the demolished wall! How I hate my hindering procrastination.
It was therefore much warmer and less finger chapping to be inside making gift tags- but not quite so constructive. Oh well there’s always this week to move the wall in sub zero temperatures. Tantalising prospect!

Grouping Tags, Rocking Dog

Grouping Tags

Stamped & Strung, Rocking Dog

Stamped & Strung

Orvietto Raised Beds, Rocking Dog

Orvietto Raised Beds