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Money Through The Letterbox Please!

Wheelbarrow Fruits, Rocking Dog

Wheelbarrow Fruits

Last week I took a friend for tea in the beautiful Wiltshire village of Lacock. This picturesque little place is well renowned for being the perfect place to film a good drama. Therefore the film crews of Cranford, Pride and Prejudice, Emma, Downton Abbey, and Harry Potter have all rolled into town at one point or other.

Lacock was mentioned in the Domesday Book and its famous Abbey was established in 1232. In the Middle Ages it had a thriving wooden industry. The dissolution of the monasteries in Henry VIII’s reign had a serious effect on the village. In 1944 the Abbey and the village almost in its entirety were bequeathed to the National Trust.

Unlike many English villages struggling to keep its village pub, shop, post office or bus service Lacock is thriving. Many tourists flock to the village because of its film connections. There is a village shop, a pottery, a jeweller, pubs, tea rooms, bakery and NT shop amongst other commercial interests.

Even more quaint is the entrepreneurial spirit of the villagers. Plants, books, meringues, courgettes, summer fruits, lavender were all to be bought from flagstoned doorsteps. There were bags kindly supplied for customers booty and instructions for payment.

I loved the wheelbarrow with its punnet’s of freshly picked soft fruits. Most mornings I enjoy seasonal fruit to eat with granola or bircher muesli. Berries chosen, it was time to push coins through a very snappy little letterbox. I could get used to this sort of shopping!

Is this wheelbarrow selling a very British phenomenon I wonder.

There was time for tea in the very beautiful garden at King John’s Hunting Lodge and then a further stroll. The last pitstop was at Sue Stokes Decorative Antiques in West Street. Sue has a truly beautiful little shop with such unusual stock, a tiny leather child’s glove, silver milagro’s, religious figurines, even a straw bra! I will be back.

Lacock is delightful and of course there is always Corsham, a short drive away. There has been much excitement in the town because scenes for the recent Poldark series have been filmed there…..not Cornwall at all!

Wheelbarrow Stall, Rocking Dog

Wheelbarrow Stall

Courgette Glut, Rocking Dog

Courgette Glut

Lacock Letterbox, Rocking Dog

Lacock Letterbox

Plant Sale, Rocking Dog

Plant Sale

Money Plant, Rocking Dog

Money Plant

Any Flowers For Sale?, Rocking Dog

Any Flowers For Sale?

Scented Sell, Rocking Dog

Scented Sell

For Bookworms, Rocking Dog

For Bookworms

Time For Tea, Rocking Dog

Time For Tea

Weekend Postcard From Devon

Coastal Flora, Rocking Dog

Coastal Flora

Having a grand time in Devon. Rainy trip down but would you credit it, the sun came out just as we set up camp. Very nice campsite called Karrageen. Clean facilities and helpful respectable owners. They even ordered fresh bread and pastries for our breakfast. In the evening we strolled down the mile or so to Hope Cove. We had a grand slap up meal in the Hope and Anchor and watched the sun begin to set. In the morning we headed off to see Burgh Island and it’s art deco hotel. What a posh hotel- I bet that hotel has seen a thing or two! Edward and Mrs Simpson stayed there before they got married (tut tut!) and Agatha Christie even set two of her books there. We walked up to the top of the island and saw the little ruined chapel which became the huers hut. Fishermen would “hue and cry” down to fishermen in the sea below if they saw a shoal of pilchards (reminds me of scenes in Poldark). Of course everything’s been overfished now. Oh I do love some pilchards on toast! Well we didn’t get anything to eat on the island, the miserable hotel owners have banned picnicking- it’s a travesty! Would you believe it that by the time we walked back down the hill the tide had come in. We had to roll up our trousers and paddle back. The blooming dog didn’t like the swim and tried to drink the water. I’d have loved to have gone back in the old sea tractor, but think that’s reserved for hotel guests just like the heli-pad! The sun was blazing and we headed to Salcombe, my what a busy little town and it’s not even high summer. We sat on a bench and watched all the toings and froings of the boats, and being so hot we had to sample the Salcombe ice cream, grand! Stopped in at Kingsbridge today, a pleasant little town with quaint buildings. Driving rain, so we decided to call it a day. By the time you get this we’ll be back home. Hope you are feeling a bit more chipper and that you’re getting out and about. See you for tea and a chin-wag soon.L, A and the exhausted dog x
PS. Was going to buy you clotted cream but thought it would be off before I saw you.

I tried to write this in the style of my late grandmother Nellie, leaving out all the various health issues and negativity. Actually Nellie’s postcard would have probably gone- “Having nice time, legs not playing up too much, cold much better. bit too hot for my liking. Back Friday, I hope you are remembering to water the garden. New tablets working. Grandma x”

It was a lovely weekend in a truly lovely part of England.

Sunny Hope Cove, Rocking Dog

Sunny Hope Cove

Burgh Island Hotel, Rocking Dog

Burgh Island Hotel

Deco Metalwork, Rocking Dog

Deco Metalwork

Hue & Cry, Rocking Dog

Hue & Cry

Sea Tractor, Rocking Dog

Sea Tractor

Exhausted Doggy, Rocking Dog

Exhausted Doggy

These Shoes Spoke To Me!

They Spoke To Me!, Rocking Dog

They Spoke To Me!

These Shoes inexplicably spoke to me whilst passing through John Lewis on Wednesday. I was shopping for gifts and cake ingredients and certainly not on the hunt for shoes with a perilously high 4 1/2 inch heel! Generally I am not a blingy person and certainly not someone who enjoys tottering around in high heels. Brogues, Converse’s and Hunter wellies are my footwear of choice, so how I came to get my money out for these at the till is somewhat brain boggling!

Maybe it’s just a middle aged woman nostalgically trying to recapture her youth! I remember many times in the early 1980’s walking in snow in peephole stilleto’s! (My parents somewhat embarrassedly sniggering behind me, or rather in front of me). I rather think in the coming week these shoes will be winging their way back to John Lewis, that’s unless I can magically find a way of learning to walk in high heels once again. Unlike Nancy Sinatra’s shoes this pair definitely aren’t made for walking!

On the subject of stepping back in time, Andyman and I saw Marc Almond (of Soft Cell) at the Colston Hall, Bristol last night. We formed a sea of predominantly 40/50 somethings reminiscing New Wave & Synth Pop. Personally I loved the music, clothes and make up of New Romanticism. It was a great concert and inevitably ended with Tainted Love and Say Hello Wave Goodbye.

Maybe i’ll just go and try those shoes on once more just for old times sake!

Have a great weekend and hope the sun keeps on shining. Boo Hoo! it’s the last episode of Poldark on Sunday. Aidan you’ll be missed!

Rustic Bling, Rocking Dog

Rustic Bling

Blingy Chair Detail, Rocking Dog

Blingy Chair Detail

Blingy Cushions, Rocking Dog

Blingy Cushions