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Rocking Dog Still Pickling and Jellying!

Getting Pickled!, Rocking Dog

Getting Pickled!

Rocking Dog is making the most of the crab apple harvest. Organically grown crab apples have been cooked with cider vinegar and rosemary. The pulp is now being allowed to drip slowly, slowly, slowly through a jelly bag. Juice extracted, the mixture will be returned to the pan and sugar will be added. Voila – jelly will be produced. I think it’s going to be a glorious colour. The jelly would be wonderful served with lamb and a great alternative to mint sauce.

Another batch or two of pickles will be cooked up and then it really will be time to Frou the kennel. Thankfully we don’t need to go far to buy a tree and mistletoe. How nostalgic it would be to pull the tree through the snow on a sledge. I know i’m a sentimental old fool!

There will be some wonderful apple juice for sale on Sunday. Produced by the boys with the gorgeous Mr McGregor style vegetable patch, the juice is made from old apple varieties. Buy some for Christmas for those souls who are driving. They will certainly not feel shortchanged.

Crab Apple Harvest,Rocking Dog

Crab Apple Harvest

Jolly Lids,Rocking Dog

Jolly Lids

Rocking Dog Has Been Getting Pickled!

Destined For Pickling,Rocking Dog

Destined For Pickling

Rocking Dog has spent a weekend or two pickling, marmalading and jelly-making. Spiced pickled organic oranges, Punjab pickled limes, Pickled Pears, Spiced apple & cider jelly, Pomegranate and pear jelly, Red grapefruit and cranberry marmalade, Sicilian organic lemon & ginger marmalade, Chilli and garlic mustard, Wholegrain mustard with honey…..and there’s more pickled deliciousness coming out of the Rocking Dog kitchen later today.

These preserves would make great gifts and will be on sale at the kennel on 30th November & 11th December (details on my home page www.rocking dog.co.uk)

Wishing you a great start to the week. Stay Cosy!

For Punjab Limes,Rocking Dog

For Punjab Limes

Add Pears,Rocking Dog

Add Pears

For Jelly,Rocking Dog

For Jelly

In The Pan,Rocking Dog

In The Pan

Figs To Pickle,Rocking Dog

Figs To Pickle

Jars & Labels,Rocking Dog

Jars & Labels

Planet Wedding-Rocking Dog Gets Pickling!

Rocking Dog Giardiniere Pickles, Rocking Dog

Rocking Dog Giardiniere Pickles

Rocking Dog has been busy getting pickling! With a certain wedding only seven weekends away preparations are clocking up for the couple and the two families.

Giardiniere Pickles, also known as Italian Garden Pickles are now snugly packed into jars ready to be served with salami’s and other antipasti goodies.

Delia’s recipe which appears in her Delia’s How To Cook (Book 3) provided the blueprint for this latest batch of Rocking Dog pickling. This particular recipe involves chopping a variety of vegetables and layering them with salt and water. The vegetables are then left overnight before being drained and rinsed. They are then spread out to dry for a few hours ( how I appreciated my large workbench!). Popped back into a large bowl the vegetables are tossed in some olive oil. Garlic cloves and cherry tomatoes are added in to the mix, together with some black peppercorns. Jars are sterilised in a warm oven and left to cool for a moment or two. Finally the vegetables are packed into the jars along with fresh herbs. I used Bay leaves and Rosemary from the Rocking Dog garden, together with some Lemon Thyme. White wine vinegar is then poured in over the tightly packed vegetables. Lids closed, the pickles need to be stored in a cool dark place to mellow for at least a month before eating.

A less attractive pickling proposition now awaits my attention. 2kg of shallots sit on the kitchen table awaiting peeling. They will be pickled in spiced balsamic vinegar to be eaten with cheese. I’m hoping I can recruit Andyman for peeling duties, and then we can cry on the task together!

Pickling and Jam making are excellent ways of using gluts of fruits and vegetables. Andyman is particularly partial to Dee’s lemon marmalade especially when made with lemons from Capri. Yes I really have got to step up to the plate with my lemon marmalade making and flat sock folding (don’t ask!!)

Umbrian Vegetables, Rocking Dog

Umbrian Vegetables

Use Me!, Rocking Dog

Use Me!

Delia You're Fab'!, Rocking Dog

Delia You’re Fab’!

Vegetable Prep', Rocking Dog

Vegetable Prep’

Herbs & Spices, Rocking Dog

Herbs & Spices

Salami Loves Pickles!, Rocking Dog

Salami Loves Pickles!

Fiery Pickle Not For The Faint-hearted!

The Magic Begins!, Rocking Dog

The Magic Begins!

Finally I got around to making some very fiery pickle from some rather forlorn Seville Oranges. They have constantly made me feel guilty every time I have ventured into the fridge. So today was the day my guilt would finally lift, I loosely used Shropshire and Edges Permaculture Network recipe for Seville Orange and Apricot Chutney. Never a strict recipe follower I threw in more chilli, additional spices and dates. Only time will tell whether it was a good call!

I have to say that at the present time, only a Vindaloo would make this pickle seem mild in the heat stakes. However, left for a few months to mellow in a cool dark place it may prove to be a little less fiery. I love pickle or chutney with a great Cheddar and some freshly baked bread, such simple pleasures!

One year we decided to go against tradition and we served up an elaborate Indian feast on Christmas day. The boys (grown men) as ever decided on true laddism by eating the hottest pickles, chilli’s and sauces. Why does ultimate machoism and one- upmanship need to be displayed and revelled in, by eating such unpleasantly hot delicacies ?!

Does anyone else get a thrill from seeing a stash of homemade pickles and preserves, all neatly labelled and stacked ?

Forlorn Fruit, Rocking Dog

Forlorn Fruit

Let's Get Cookin'!, Rocking Dog

Let’s Get Cookin’!