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Winter Ramble With Real Live Rocking Dog.

Let's Go Walkies!, Rocking Dog

Let’s Go Walkies!

Another frosty day on Tuesday and it was time to get out for a bracing ramble to blow away the Tarantula sized cobwebs! I love the cover of the 1950 walks book on my title picture but i’m sure the routes will have been changed with housing estates, roads and industrial developments so we used a tried and tested guide by Nigel Vile “Pocket Pub Walks Near Bristol And Bath”. Walk 3 in Viles’ pocket sized tome, a 6 1/2 mile walk which starts in Hillesley and skirts the Cotswold escarpment.

As the title of the book suggests you should end up to enjoy a pub at the end of your travels. We often manage the drink but have yet to arrive in time for last orders for food- damn and blast! This walk was no different so we ended up with Walkers Crisps (how very retro) and some rather nasty olives.

As for the walk itself, it was truly lovely with babbling brooks, frosty pasture, cottages and churches worthy of inclusion in some period drama, and lots of icy puddles to shatter. It was gorgeous to hear birdsong and heralded the fact that spring will indeed come in the not too distant future.

Real Live Rocking Dog now plonked contentedly in front of the glowing stove, muddy boots x 3 to clean, ironing not done, house still in need of “Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners”… but we all feel better for blowing away the cobwebs!

PS May just give myself the challenge in 2015 of seeing how changed those walks are since 1950, hope I won’t feel too despondently sad.

Chasing Shadows, Rocking Dog

Chasing Shadows

Winter Hedgerow Garland, Rocking Dog

Winter Hedgerow Garland

Fantastical Icicles, Rocking Dog

Fantastical Icicles