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The Paper Cut Out Dolls Do Cranberry Zinger

Zinger Ingredients, Rocking Dog

Zinger Ingredients

The paper cut out dolls have been rather languishing in the Rocking Dog embellishments folder. Yesterday they escaped their plastic sleeve to make Cranberry Zinger. A hot mulled cranberry punch, it’s a delicious non alcoholic toddy for those who have drawn the short straw for driving home.

I’m not a great one for measurements, so maybe this should be named Slinger Zinger! The gist of the recipe is cartons of cranberry juice, peeled root ginger thinly sliced, cloves, cinnamon stick, sliced clementines and a handful of fresh cranberries (or pomegranate seeds). Put all the ingredients into a pan and put it over a low heat to gradually simmer. Ideally it’s best not to allow it to boil. You could do this a good time ahead of a party, by taking the Zinger off the heat and allowing all the ingredients to infuse. Prior to guests arriving the pan can then be returned to the heat. Taste the Zinger and it may need a little sugar or honey to sweeten it. Serve in glasses and stand around the piano singing Christmas carols.

Moving on from cranberries to hedgerow berries, have you noticed how heavy the holly bushes are with berries this winter? My mum always used to say “lots of berries, we’re in for a hard winter”. Her folklore was that mother nature supplied extra berries for birds and other wildlife if a raw winter was in prospect. Talking about wildlife the white rabbits residing in a field behind the house are proliferating rapidly, indeed…. breeding like rabbits! It is all rather surreal going out at dusk with Real Live Rocking Dog to see the field littered with luminous white rabbits. It all feels a bit like Tellytubbyland.

On a walk one morning last week RLR Dog and I literally bumped into the most magnificent pheasant striding across the road. He really was the most handsome fellow. A car driver and I just smiled at each other, recognising that we were so privileged to be seeing this creature so closely.

The paper cut out dolls are rather reluctant to return to their plastic sleeve and are rather hoping to decorate the gingerbread house. Try as I might they really aren’t interested in making mince pies…. boo hiss!

Cranberries & Spices, Rocking Dog

Cranberries & Spices

In The Pan, Rocking Dog

In The Pan

Rose Hips, Rocking Dog

Rose Hips

Abundant Berries, Rocking Dog

Abundant Berries

A Hard Winter In Prospect, Rocking Dog

A Hard Winter In Prospect

Join Us For A Zinger?, Rocking Dog

Join Us For A Zinger?

The Paper Girls Make Billionaire’s Shortbread

Let Them Eat Cake! Rocking Dog

Let Them Eat Cake!

The Paper Cut Out Girls have been baking Billionaire’s Shortbread. Every now and again Andyman likes to take a little something into the office to acknowledge colleagues who go the extra mile, everyone loves to feel appreciated. So today they’ll be treated to gilded chocolate caramel slice. Those on calorie controlled diets or have diabetes will unfortunately need to give this plate a wide berth.

The recipe comes from Donna Hay’s Modern Classics (book 2). It is the easiest and most delicious recipe I have found. Unlike many shortbread recipes which require you to laboriously rub in the butter, for this recipe you simply pour in melted butter to the dry ingredients. The shortbread includes coconut which gives a lovely texture to the base. Meanwhile the caramel is made partly on the hob before being poured onto the shortbread and put into the oven to bake until golden brown. How I loved The Stranglers in my youth!

Dark chocolate completes the decadent tray bake and I love to add a little gold leaf for extra glamour and crowd pleasing!

The Paper Cut Out Girls love baking- but aren’t so keen on the washing up- they’re so afraid of turning to papier mache!

The Naughty Recipe, Rocking Dog

The Naughty Recipe

The Ingredients, Rocking Dog

The Ingredients

Golden Brown, Rocking Dog

Golden Brown