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Homalocephale In Search Of New Home!

Orphaned Homalocephale, Rocking Dog

Orphaned Homalocephale

Another post for the little folk before school reconvenes. So this is an S.O.S. Yesterday I found this little fellow staggering around on Hambrook Common whilst walking Real Live Rocking Dog.

As all you budding Palaeontologists will no doubt know, this little dinosaur is a Homalocephale (Level headed lizard). Strange but true he first roamed the planet 70-80 million years ago. He looks pretty scary but he likes eating fruits, plants and seeds. Homalocephale’s don’t grow much bigger than the average six year old and has a much smaller brain than the average six year old. Grown up Palaeontologists think that the Homalocephale had wide hips because they gave birth to live young rather than laying eggs like many other dinosaurs.The experts also think that the Homalocephale used their wide hips for flank-butting. It would be like dodgem car bumping for dinosaurs! This little dinosaur would also use its flat head for ramming any enemy. Now being so well mannered you would absolutely never ever flank-butt or head ram would you!

Back to this poor little orphaned Homalocephale, he really has been through the wars. I rather think he has been attacked by some very terrifying creature and certainly not Real Live Rocking Dog. The Dog much prefers playing football and being curious about cats. No, I think it may have been a Tyrannosaurus Rex who took a liking to this little orphan, or more scarily a teething toddler! He has lost an arm -the Homalocephale and not the toddler, and hasn’t got very good balance. He may need a little blob of Blu-Tac to help him stand or he can simply be snuggled under your pillow (please ask your mummy first)

If anyone would like to give this tiny little fella a caring new home, please send Rocking Dog a message with a suitable name. A distinguished panel will choose a winner and little Homalocephale (who will have been put through a 90 degree dishwasher programme) will be posted to you together with some yummy goodies.

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Normal service will be resumed after the weekend, with my adult head securely screwed back on, promise! It’s London Fashion Week next week according to my darling fashionista daughter. She’ll be photographing some of the style icons at Somerset House. Not to be outdone we’ll be having our very own exclusive Rocking Dog Fashion Week. I’ll even be letting you peek inside my wardrobe, what a scary prospect!

Have a great weekend and I hope the sun shines.

Searching For Mum, Rocking Dog

Searching For Mum

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