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A Wedding, St Andrew’s And Planning For Christmas

Lost Menu, Rocking Dog

Lost Menu

Poor Rocking Dog is feeling decidedly old and dog-eared! Last week was a busy one with my St Andrew’s Day Celebration, and then in very quick succession a lovely wedding to cater for.

Thank you to all those folk who came out on a cold frosty evening to buy, eat and chat last Wednesday. With these colder temperatures it is all too tempting to curl up on the sofa and nestle down for the evening.Thank you for generous donations for Young Carers and BUST, the total will be given after my Winter Wonderland event on Sunday. I would love to see you then, let’s get festive together!

In between events there were neighbours to visit. Plants and eats were enrobed in crisp white tissue and snowy white bags. I don’t always need to do colour!

Sunday was spent washing a Mini full of vintage china. How pretty it all looked laid up on freshly starched vintage table linen. What a gorgeous bride and groom …..but where did they and their 50 ish guests put ALL that tea?! Four litres of milk and sixty tea bags has to be a record! Very frustratingly I left the menu’s at home – so for any guests tuning in this morning I have posted a pic’ of the lost menu! The Rocking Dog team had to work in an absolutely minuscule kitchen, but the tea pots got filled, cakes got laid up on vintage cake stands and the tiramisu’s were embellished with their raspberries! Thanks to Marie, Lara, Holly and Kylie, you were brilliant. I really do think this was my swan song regarding weddings – the stamina required is substantial and drinking Red Bull is unfortunately not the answer!

This week THE decorations will come tumbling down from the attic, and Mission Winter Wonderland will be deployed. Very worryingly it seems such a short time ago that they were being packed up to head into the attic after the festivities of 2015. Frightening.

Have a wonderful week, love a very tired Rocking Dog x

PS. Cranberry Zinger served outside whilst the venue was turned from chapel to tearoom has the following ingredients. Cranberry juice, orange juice, Spiced berry cordial, sliced root ginger, sliced clementines, fresh cranberries, sugar, cinnamon stick. Bring mix gently to boil and simmer and serve.

Bridal Brownie, Rocking Dog

Bridal Brownie

Chintzy China,Rocking Dog

Chintzy China

Cranberry Zinger,Rocking Dog

Cranberry Zinger

St Andrew's Sale,Rocking Dog

St Andrew’s Sale

Preserve Bonanza!,Rocking Dog

Preserve Bonanza!

Glittery Succulent,Rocking Dog

Glittery Succulent

Care Packages,Rocking Dog

Care Packages

'Tis The Season......,Rocking Dog

‘Tis The Season……

....To Deck The Halls!,Rocking Dog

…..To Deck The Halls!

Waffle And Waffle- Rocking Dog Brunch

Spot The Pancetta!, Rocking Dog

Spot The Pancetta!

A lovely friend was stopping by for a quick catch up and I decided to get my waffle maker out! It lurks in a cupboard with my abandoned ice cream maker (preferring my Kitchenaid version), an unused American electric ice cream cone maker (why oh why?!!) and various other kitchen gadgetry. I can’t remember where I bought my electric waffle maker but know it’s a bargain basement contraption which makes very good waffles!

The aroma of waffles being cooked is the first smell I remember as a child. We were on holiday in Belgium, five of us travelling in a Mini. As soon as I smell waffles now I am transported back to that holiday as a five year old. In a similar way there is a furniture polish which horrifyingly takes me right back to my Army basic training. It conjures up early morning room and kit inspections, drill practice, bulling shoes, fitness tests, lots of shouting and lots of crying! I was not the best recruit.

Back to Waffles! So what waffles to rustle up? After flicking through my waffle bible I decided on Smoked Pancetta Waffles with Blackberry Maple Pour. The batter includes mustard powder, Parmesan, buttermilk and semolina. Not having semolina in my store cupboard I substituted it with polenta which worked successfully.

After the thick mixture is placed in the waffle maker, it is topped with some thin rashers of Pancetta or streaky bacon. The Lid is closed and the waffle is cooked for approximately five minutes. If you don’t have a waffle iron I imagine you could cook the mixture on a griddle or heavy based frying pan in the same way that you’d cook Scotch Pancakes.

The blackberry syrup was made by heating through blackberries, maple syrup and a strip of lemon zest.

How we enjoyed waffling whilst we ate waffles. Now does anyone fancy popping on by and i’ll get some ice cream whipped up, and I might even get my Ice cream cone making machine out!

Waffly Reading, Rocking Dog

Waffly Reading

Guinea Pig Recipe, Rocking Dog

Guinea Pig Recipe

Essential Ingredient, Rocking Dog

Essential Ingredient

Blackberry Maple Pour, Rocking Dog

Blackberry Maple Pour

Brunch Y'all !, Rocking Dog

Brunch Y’all !

And Then A Walk.., Rocking Dog

And Then A Walk..