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These Shoes Spoke To Me!

They Spoke To Me!, Rocking Dog

They Spoke To Me!

These Shoes inexplicably spoke to me whilst passing through John Lewis on Wednesday. I was shopping for gifts and cake ingredients and certainly not on the hunt for shoes with a perilously high 4 1/2 inch heel! Generally I am not a blingy person and certainly not someone who enjoys tottering around in high heels. Brogues, Converse’s and Hunter wellies are my footwear of choice, so how I came to get my money out for these at the till is somewhat brain boggling!

Maybe it’s just a middle aged woman nostalgically trying to recapture her youth! I remember many times in the early 1980’s walking in snow in peephole stilleto’s! (My parents somewhat embarrassedly sniggering behind me, or rather in front of me). I rather think in the coming week these shoes will be winging their way back to John Lewis, that’s unless I can magically find a way of learning to walk in high heels once again. Unlike Nancy Sinatra’s shoes this pair definitely aren’t made for walking!

On the subject of stepping back in time, Andyman and I saw Marc Almond (of Soft Cell) at the Colston Hall, Bristol last night. We formed a sea of predominantly 40/50 somethings reminiscing New Wave & Synth Pop. Personally I loved the music, clothes and make up of New Romanticism. It was a great concert and inevitably ended with Tainted Love and Say Hello Wave Goodbye.

Maybe i’ll just go and try those shoes on once more just for old times sake!

Have a great weekend and hope the sun keeps on shining. Boo Hoo! it’s the last episode of Poldark on Sunday. Aidan you’ll be missed!

Rustic Bling, Rocking Dog

Rustic Bling

Blingy Chair Detail, Rocking Dog

Blingy Chair Detail

Blingy Cushions, Rocking Dog

Blingy Cushions