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Trying To Buy The Right Present, Always.

Signed, Sealed & Almost Delivered!, Rocking Dog

Signed, Sealed & Almost Delivered!

I sometimes lament the fact that the role of Godmother has eluded me. A good friend sometimes says I can have some of her godchildren – for she has many! However, I love my role of auntie and have the immense joy of three nieces. I even had the immense privilege of being at the birth of the oldest one, couldn’t be at the birth of the second and the third simply wouldn’t wait for me. Indeed, she didn’t even wait for the midwife, and slipped into the world one starry November night onto the bathroom floor!

Although I don’t see a tremendous amount of the nieces, when we do gather I love to learn of their latest trials and tribulations. I love to share their successes and try to help them through challenging times, when things don’t go quite so well. I really am here for them, and not just for plotting boring family trees (sorry Cress, will you ever forgive me?!) and giving little pep talks. We have had fun over the years doing family holidays, walking dogs, sharing food, camping, parties and so on.

The oldest left her teens behind last week, so present buying was necessary. I so try to buy the right thing, for I do not want the Avon pomander situation!
At Christmas a kind neighbour would buy my sister and I a plastic Avon pomander, American Tan tights or the like. Meanwhile our darling brother would be given a postal order of which we were very jealous! I have tried to avoid such disappointments with my nieces, and usually somewhat wimpishly resort to vouchers. Top Shop, Office, Mac, H&M, Cinema, Pizza Express gift cards have all been bought at various points. I found out recently that I was also amusingly known for giving predictable stashes of Jack Will’s pants. Even more amusingly the nieces were bemused by my real love of folding washing, and giggled at their pile of neatly folded freshly laundered pants (some Jack Will’s ones I am pleased to report!) whilst I was staying for the New Year.

This latest voucher is a new one on me. Liv’, youngest daughter assured me that oldest niece loved Lush, so that’s where we headed. The shop was SO busy and filled with mainly mid teens and their disposable income. I was so overwhelmed with the colour, smell and excited noise…. that I needed to make a purchase double quick! So Cress, hope you like the Coffee Mask (eat the truffles while you let it do its magic) and enjoy spending the voucher. I really do hope it’s what you want!

Top 5 Points For Buying The Right Thing
1. Don’t be shy, ask the Birthday Girl/Boy what they’d like as a gift. Don’t be fobbed off, ask for a list!
2. Buy a voucher. If unsure which voucher to buy, purchase one for a shopping mall (or large department store) so that the recipient can choose which shop/department to spend it in.
3. Online voucher is another option- Amazon perhaps (lots of choice)
4. If you buy a gift, many shops offer a gift receipt so that the gift can be exchanged. I put this receipt in a little envelope wrapped together with the gift. This way the recipient doesn’t have the embarrassment of having to ask you for the receipt if the gift is unsuitable.
5. If buying a voucher from a makeup counter (ie.. MAC, Benefit) ask the assistant if they could book in a free mini makeup session or some free samples to accompany the voucher.

PS. Sometimes you just don’t get it right- don’t beat yourself up, it’s the thought that counts!

2 Out Of 3 Nieces!, Rocking Dog

2 Out Of 3 Nieces!

Lush!, Rocking Dog


Even Lusher!, Rocking Dog

Even Lusher!