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Rocking Dog Let Loose In London!

Veritable Vegetables By Rachel Nettles, Rocking Dog

Veritable Vegetables By Rachel Nettles

Rocking Dog took a trip to The Big Smoke for Country Living’s Build-A-Business Day. The trip also provided the opportunity to catch up with my girls, and to revel in the joys of Liberty. A stroll down the entire length of the Kings Road followed. My intention was to eventually get to the V&A to see the Undressed-A brief history of underwear exhibition. However, my love of rediscovering all the wonderful items on sale at Liberty rendered time too short to do culture. What a Philistine I am! Filming was going on in the store, with the TV crew shooting “The Apprentice”. That duly explained the sinister convoy of black people carriers outside. I received some of the best customer service ever from Clare in the china department. Thank you Clare you were so helpful.

Along the Kings Road I was stopped in my tracks by a window display under construction. I needed to find out more about the truly beautiful vegetables and flowers that littered a little section of Anthropologie. They were the amazing free motion embroidery work of Rachel Nettles who is the temporary artist in residence. Her work perfectly complements the advent of the up and coming Chelsea Flower Show. Absolutely delicious and covetable items and an amazingly personable woman.

Back on the street other shops are also beginning to show signs of Flower Show fever and there are frenzied bits of frou’ing going on.

Wednesday dawned with a walk to Hackney station, a misty stroll took me on pathways bordered with swathes of cow parsley and neatly stacked gravestones. The commute into the heart of the Metropolis was a baptism of fire. I find it difficult to contemplate how Londoners cope day in, day out with the misery of overpacked tubes and trains. I salute you!

The Build-A-Business Day was held at the Good Housekeeping Cookery School in Soho, and it proved to be a really interesting day. Apart from some inspirational speakers including Emma Bridgewater and Sophie Conran, it was lovely to meet other creative bod’s who were already running businesses or looking to set up businesses. There was good information provided on business planning, submitting press releases and the importance of social media. An opportunity was given for those who wished to pitch their products, so out came my stockings and advent calendars! A delicious lunch together with goody bag completed a very enjoyable and thought provoking day. The CL team were great, very approachable and friendly. Once this wedding is over I am going to have a serious talk with myself, and try to decide how to go about putting Rocking Dog firmly on the map!

On the way to Paddington I couldn’t help myself from making a beeline to a stall in Soho selling material and trims. I bought some gorgeous vintage braids, a plan for them I have not, but a gorgeous addition to Material Mountain.

It was so lovely to be indulgent with time for myself, and I even had the courage to ask for an eyeliner masterclass in MAC. Adele eat your heart out!

Planet wedding really starts gathering pace, and today i’ll perhaps finish THE coat! Other tasks await me on copious lists.

PS Many thanks to Liberty, Designer’s Guild and Osborne and Little for being so receptive in my request for fabric swatches for a special project.

Liberty Flowers, Rocking Dog

Liberty Flowers

The Apprentice Cars, Rocking Dog

The Apprentice Cars

Anthropologie Window, Rocking Dog

Anthropologie Window

More Rachel Nettles, Rocking Dog

More Rachel Nettles

Ready For Chelsea, Rocking Dog

Ready For Chelsea

Iconic Landmark, Rocking Dog

Iconic Landmark

Hackney Walk, Rocking Dog

Hackney Walk

Feeling Inspired, Rocking Dog

Feeling Inspired

Vintage Braid Buys, Rocking Dog

Vintage Braid Buys

Over For Another Year- Chelsea Flower Show

Artisan Garden, Rocking Dog

Artisan Garden

A few more images from my time at Chelsea Flower Show. In time I hope to post some images of my garden. The last few days have been spent tackling a very deep and overgrown herbaceous border. Newly purchased plants from Riverside anxiously await my getting to grips with a sea of Ground Elder. There are Angelica, Cardoons, Foxgloves, Penstemons and a host of other green lovelies to dig in. I’m hoping today will be planting day….and then onto another tangled border.

Meanwhile Andyman who is not a gardener, is repairing Compost Cottage. In 1988 we bought a wooden playhouse, as it was put on the site of an old compost heap it seemed apt to call it Compost Cottage. It has moved with us, and numerous children have played in it. I remember one or two uncomfortable nights sleeping in it with our three! Now with young Noah living next door Compost Cottage is getting a spruce up ready for the sunny hazy days of summer.

Over the last few days I have thought of tips for going to a show such as Chelsea (lots of RHS shows yet to come in 2015)

1. Get to a show early. When I arrived at Chelsea at 8.30 am it was quite bearable, by 11am life was pretty frenzied!
2. On getting there early, visit show gardens (or indeed anything you desperately want to see) first. You will be three or four people deep later on.
3. Wear flat comfortable shoes!
4. Take your own picnic or time visits to food/drink kiosks early. There were long queues for many eating places.
5. Take a few minutes to plan your day. Sit with a catalogue and work out what you want to see and create a rough plan.
6. Take cash. One or two of the trade stands only took cash or cheque. There were Cashpoints, but there was a £2 charge per transaction.
7. Take a notepad or phone to jot down info you want to retain. Growers are incredibly knowledgable and helpful in recommending plants for your own garden. Additionally many of the Show Gardens, artisan gardens etc.. were handing out planting lists which were helpful.
8. Accept that you probably won’t see or remember everything!
9. Book tickets early (Put them on a Christmas/Birthday wish-list). Chelsea was a sell out.
10. I can recommend the Purbeck ice cream. Truly delicious!

Apart from the Show itself many of the shops in and around Chelsea had wonderful window displays and plant installations which spilled out onto the street. Therefore it’s lovely to spend a little time around Sloane Square and Kings Road viewing imaginative visual display and enjoying a coffee.

Chelsea Done and Dusted!

Aquilegia, Rocking Dog


Iris, Rocking Dog


Jack's Beans?, Rocking Dog

Jack’s Beans?

Breakthrough Garden, Rocking Dog

Breakthrough Garden

Pavilion Iris's, Rocking Dog

Pavilion Iris’s

In The Purple, Rocking Dog

In The Purple

Evaders Garden, Rocking Dog

Evaders Garden

Alexandra Of Kent, Rocking Dog

Alexandra Of Kent

Out on The Street, Rocking Dog

Out on The Street