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Sunny Jurassic Coastal Weekend

Sunset at Seatown , Rocking Dog

Sunset at Seatown

We managed to run to the sun this weekend and had a lovely time camping in our Pod. Staying at Golden Cap we were able to enjoy a beautiful sunset on the beach. Poor Real Live Rocking Dog was not amused by my kicking skills. His ball quickly drifted out to sea and there followed one of those agonising Tom Hanks Wilson moments!

Saturday saw the rather nutty hat festival in Bridport. Some great headwear was being sported by young and old, human and canine. I liked the trilby modelled out of Golden Virginia tobacco pouches, chic 1940’s creations and the ski mountain-scape! Coffee was enjoyed in Beach & Barnicott before a trawl along the many street stalls. I picked up a lovely 1950’s handwritten recipe book for £3, sadly not too many recipes and difficult to decipher handwriting.. but nevertheless a bargain.

Ruby In The Dust was another port of call. Lovely owner, lovely things. Lots of items I coveted, but I was going to be travelling back to our moveable home by bus!

We ate that night at The Anchor, yummy food, but eating al fresco was chilly. We managed to squeeze into the bar for a warming hot chocolate before heading out onto the twilight beach. RLRDog was ever hopeful of re-finding his ball.

Finally we finished the weekend with a trip to The Hive Beach Cafe in Burton Bradstock. The weather was positively tropical, with azure blue sky, balmy warmth and with many braving a late summer swim. Eggs Benedict, coffee and freshly squeezed orange juice set us up for the sad drive back.

The Jurassic Coast really is such a beautiful part of the world and so Real Live Rocking Dog friendly!

I hope you have had a lovely weekend, with a good week beckoning.

Awful Wilson Moment!, Rocking Dog

Awful Wilson Moment!

Nutty Headwear, Rocking Dog

Nutty Headwear

Off Piste Hat, Rocking Dog

Off Piste Hat

Vintage Trawl, Rocking Dog

Vintage Trawl

At Ruby's, Rocking Dog

At Ruby’s

Ditto!, Rocking Dog


The Hive, Rocking Dog

The Hive

Lobster Pot...., Rocking Dog

Lobster Pot….

...To Plate!, Rocking Dog

…To Plate!

If You’re Fond Of Sand Dunes………

Fairground Fodder For Sale, Rocking Dog

Fairground Fodder For Sale

“If you’re fond of sand dunes and salty air, Quaint little villages here and there…” These are the lyrics from Groove Armada’s “At The River”. I heard it on the radio in 2009 and loved the track immediately, but unfortunately didn’t catch the groups name. So …I went into a branch of HMV and a poor sales chap had to endure me trying to hum and sing the song very badly. I came out of the shop empty handed and somewhat embarrassed. I expect the HMV guy needed counselling for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder!

Indeed at the weekend we did go in search of sand dunes and salty air, heading to Dorset and the Chesil Beach. We were chasing the sun, but it was rather elusive, therefore walks were cold and windswept. The Chesil Beach is 29km long and forms part of the World Heritage Jurassic Coast. Close to where we parked our “Pod” was the area where bombs were dropped and tested in preparation for the Dambusters Raid. On an evening walk around the Fleet lagoon we witnessed weatherworn rusted boat sheds, an indestructible WW2 look out tower and interesting flotsam and jetsam.

Saturday we shared time between Bridport and Dorchester. As ever the street market in Bridport was bustling and lovely. I always marvel at the ginormous cakes in “Bella’s” and love a visit to Old Albion who do a SPECTACULAR range of gorgeous old eclectic things. I especially adore all their original fairground pieces. They also have some gorgeous Fox Terriers in various formats, china, plush pile, playing cards and the most adorable Kennel sign. Alas none of the doggy stuff is for sale- they are such spoilsports those lovely Albion Folk!

We nipped into Bridport on our way home for the monthly Vintage Market– (last Sunday in month April-September). I was very restrained!

The salty air was appreciated, as was the hot chocolate and dry socks. Real Live Rocking Dog had a great time, and I am convinced he can start smelling the sea when we reach Chard. Andyman is not the least bit convinced!

Sleeping Quarters, Rocking Dog

Sleeping Quarters

WW2 Survivor, Rocking Dog

WW2 Survivor

Bella's Big Buns!, Rocking Dog

Bella’s Big Buns!

Windswept RLRD, Rocking Dog

Windswept RLRD

Not For Sale, Rocking Dog

Not For Sale

Homes Needed, Rocking Dog

Homes Needed