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Learning How To Be Kind To Yourself

A Treat-Cakes Made By Someone Else, Rocking Dog

A Treat-Cakes Made By Someone Else

Life has been somewhat fraught in the Rocking Dog Kennel. Dealing with the social, physical and health needs of an elderly relative can be so exasperating. Obviously, this care need is not in isolation. There are so many other things and indeed people, which are in life’s rich and diverse eclectic mix. Therefore this weekend I attempted to batten down the hatches, regroup and gather my strength. It’s often difficult learning how to be kind to yourself. Women in particular can feel very guilty about taking time out. It’s almost unheard of to hear a woman say “Do you fancy 36 holes next week?!”

Saturday I did a very spontaneous drive to Box, Wiltshire to the lovely Vintage Jumble. Stallholders were friendly (especially lovely, lovely Katherine) and organisers Jayne Soule and Michele Mountstephen couldn’t have been kinder. The Malteser Tiffin was truly delicious, and do you know the very best thing about it? It was that I hadn’t made it- a real treat! Although I arrived midway through the sale there were still lovely things to buy. I particularly loved the Winnie the Pooh fabric and a nostalgic 1960’s wooden tuck shop which I have squirreled away. There are also some odd dolls, one which I rather think must be a Holy Communion doll, more bilge for the kids to clear out when i’m old and crusty! I enjoyed the drive back listening to my dreamboat Bill Turnbull on Classic FM. Life was definitely looking up. Not the keenest of drivers I however, would have liked to have kept on driving, just me and Bill!

Domestic stuff occupied the remainder of the day. No TV, no radio, just me and my duster. Yes this really is me being kind to myself! I then embarked on cleaning brass and silver… it really is strangely calming for the soul, and polished picture frames, door knobs and beds are so satisfyingly shiny! In the evening Andyman was off piping, so it was just me and the dog. How soothing to stroke the loyal but everso slightly grumpy Real Live Rocking Dog.

I am ashamed to say it was a real pyjama day on Sunday, with more domestic stuff done in peace. Flowers picked from the garden, a glass of wine, a foamy scented bath and I feel as if I have been kind to myself. The house is cleaner and that ultimately makes me feel happier. The ironing pile remains perilously high, but nights where sleep doesn’t come easily will soon sort that!

So….. I’m ready for whatever the week throws at me. Mother In Law, I don’t have a wooden heart, be kind to me!

What are the things you do to be kind to YOURSELF? Please tell all. Have a lovely week. Love Rocking Dog x

PS. Special thanks to Clive R. You were SO thoughtful, reassuring and logical.

Vintage Pooh Purchase, Rocking Dog

Vintage Pooh Purchase

Kitsch Puzzle Brooches, Rocking Dog

Kitsch Puzzle Brooches

Odd Dolls, Rocking Dog

Odd Dolls

A Walk In The Park, Rocking Dog

A Walk In The Park

Brass Polishing, Calming For The Soul

Brass Polishing, Calming For The Soul

I Don't Have A Wooden Heart!, Rocking Dog

I Don’t Have A Wooden Heart!

A Clutch Of Cards From Rocking Dog

Clutch Of Cards, Rocking Dog

Clutch Of Cards

Rocking Dog has been making a clutch of cards for a variety of occasions. As ever the cards are very inexpensively and simply made. Armed with some card blanks, a Pritt stick, glue gun I started work!

On Saturday at the wonderful Rangeworthy Vintage and Handmade Jumble I picked up some Bingo cards and counters from the everso lovely Jayne Soule. I had no idea what I would do with them, but knew they’d come in useful one day. Sooner than expected these bingo cards formed the basis of cards for two friends with big birthdays. I Googled bingo language and voila two simple but effective cards were created. Because of the bulky bingo counter I somehow think i’ll be clobbered on the postage, but ah well!

Another card is winging it’s way to my son in law who successfully completed walking Snowdon, Scafell Pike and Ben Nevis in little more than 24 hours over the weekend. Needless to say his feet are rather sore. An old charity shop medical book provided a great 1930’s snippet on dealing with blistered feet. Another card mastered.

Two food related cards for a birthday and an overdue supper thank you were conjured up from colourful freebie M&S paper stock. I also crafted lovely envelopes from food printed copy and flocked Indian paper. A wonderful gift from a thoughtful friend allows me to whisk up envelopes in a jiffy from paper and fabric etc… The wooden template is my latest crafty gadget and I LOVE it!

Cards done and dusted it was time for a bit of gift wrapping. A Rocking Dog laundry bag was wrapped in a map from a long forgotten British map book. I chose a page with special relevance for the recipient. It was finished with string, map printed ribbon and chalk board label.

With a little effort, and a lot of thought £12-15 or so worth of cards and gift wrap were made for a fraction of the price. What will you be conjuring up?

Bingo Birthdays!, Rocking Dog

Bingo Birthdays!

Sushi To Go!, Rocking Dog

Sushi To Go!

Yummy Gratitude!, Rocking Dog

Yummy Gratitude!

Blistered Hero!, Rocking Dog

Blistered Hero!

Fab Template!,Rocking Dog

Fab Template!

Map Wrap!, Rocking Dog

Map Wrap!