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Rocking Dog’s Amazing Cuban Odyssey!

Backstreet Che, Rocking Dog

Backstreet Che

Yes, Rocking Dog has buzzed on back having been on an amazing Cuban Odyssey! I am somewhat jet lagged, but relieved to be back from the heat and 86% humidity levels. I just wanted to post a few photo’s to give a flavour of this amazing country. I’d love to do a few posts to give more detail of this complicated country, but in short hand I was expelled from a Salsa lesson, had a gecko adhered to my face in a busy restaurant, Andyman fell in love with ALL the classic American cars and we shared a B&B with some live crocodiles! Oh, and did I mention that we went to the historical Rolling Stones concert. Those boys despite being able to draw their pensions rocked the audience almost non stop for 2 & 1/2 hours in the Havanian night heat…amazing! I have to report that a large number of Cubans had no idea who the Rolling Stones were.

The food i’m afraid will not require numerous blog posts. In fact there was a great deal of Imodium passing hands between the group we travelled with. It’s funny but unlike an American group who were coming to blows on their bus about US politics (I wonder why!) we were very reserved about politics, sex and religion. On the other hand our ablutions were completely another matter! Love to all the fellow Explore travellers who came from all walks of life and ranged through from twenty somethings, to adventurous baby boomers. It was a real pleasure to rub along together ( and very literally, in the Russian truck!) and to share a Mojito with you.

Thank you so much to Explore for a wonderful trip and thank you to Wendy Dowe at Dorchester Travel who valiantly wriggled us out of a posh hotel and all inclusive resort (phew!). Experiencing and seeing the real Cuba with Explore was a true privilege. Thank you also to the Tropicana Penthouse for accommodating us either side of the trek, the sunrises and sunsets on the roof terrace overlooking the sea and Havana were breathtaking.

A bed without a shiny satin cover and lace pillowcases looks seriously appealing, as does a night without cockerels cawing at 1 am onwards!

I hope you’ll allow me to share a few more photo’s over the next couple of days.

Grazias for tuning back in.

Love a cooler (heat-wise) and seriously inspired Rocking Dog x

Cruising Che, Rocking Dog

Cruising Che

Sunrise Over Havana, Rocking Dog

Sunrise Over Havana

Breakfast In A Basket, Rocking Dog

Breakfast In A Basket

One Man's Madness, Rocking Dog

One Man’s Madness

Daily Dose Band, Rocking Dog

Daily Dose Band

Farming Cuban Style, Rocking Dog

Farming Cuban Style

Obama Woz 'Ere!, Rocking Dog

Obama Woz ‘Ere!

Deity, Rocking Dog


Can You Salsa?!, Rocking Dog

Can You Salsa?!

B&B Crocodile!, Rocking Dog

B&B Crocodile!

The Butchers, Rocking Dog

The Butchers

Banana Bloom, Rocking Dog

Banana Bloom

Parsley, Sage, Rosemary & Thyme….

Heavy Metal, Rocking Dog

Heavy Metal

These words are from the lyrics of the traditional English song“Scarborough Fair”.In 1966 the song was revived by Simon and Garfunkel. “Are you going to Scarborough Fair? Parsley, sage, rosemary, & thyme. Remember me to one who lives there, she once was a true love of mine”…

The time has come for some self sufficiency, so I have been planting herbs to avoid the exorbitant cost of piddly little supermarket packets! Indeed I have planted Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme, together with Bay, Mint, Basil, Oregano and Caraway. There are also plantings of Dill, Fennel and Angelica, Chives, Sorrel and Coriander.

Over the years I have accumulated various tin buckets, watering cans and baths. These are perfect for growing herbs, never seem to age, are indestructable by frost and look good when amassed with old terracotta pots. I also love my roll top bath, which came from an Undertaker’s. When we were living in Chippenham in the late 80’s I spied the forsaken bath from a bedroom window. I cheekily asked the neighbouring Undertaker’s whether I could buy the bath. A few £’s later Andyman and I were lifting the extraordinarily heavy bath across the gardens of five properties to finally reach ours. Since then it has done four more house moves and gone through numerous colour changes, with another one beckoning! There is another bath story but that can wait until another day.

I am looking forward to the herbs establishing themselves, and being able to pick mint for summery Moroccan style mint infusions. Both savoury and sweet recipes will benefit from my latest herb growing efforts, together with producing great Mojito’s!

One of my most favourite smells in the world is watering herbs after a baking hot day. I can imagine it already!

Newly Planted, Rocking Dog

Newly Planted

Herbal Bath, Rocking Dog

Herbal Bath

Undertaker's Bath, Rocking Dog

Undertaker’s Bath