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Rocking Dog’s Easter Treats

Rocking Dog Easter Tableau, Rocking Dog

Rocking Dog Easter Tableau

Rocking Dog’s Easter treats are spilling out onto the dining table, creating a lovely seasonal tableau.

Pre Easter gifting includes a tray of gooey batch of chocolate brownie, Nigella’s recipe of course! Speckled eggs and a light dusting of icing sugar make a pretty addition to the delectable squares. Chocolate lollipops were quickly run up using white chocolate, miniature eggs and sticks (Lakeland and John Lewis supply these). Once set in the fridge the pretty ‘pops are bedecked with ribbon. Arrange in a lovely vintage jug or group in cellophane bags. An egg plaque (Poundland) with its coating of hundreds and thousands was enhanced with a piped iced message.

A food parcel of luxury hot cross buns, apricot conserve, Easter biscuits and chocolate bunnies are wrapped in cellophane and a band of paper. I am still using up my supply of M&S Adventures in Food magazines. The parcel is completed with twine and hand written luggage label.

Other gifts are simply wrapped in crisp white tissue paper and bedecked with the contents from an Easter photo-booth pack (£3 Sainsbury’s). I love the battery operated egg fairy lights ( a bargainous £1 from Poundland).

Non chocolatey gifts include gorgeous pink tulips bound with a generous swag of polka dot ribbon, and pots of cheery Tete de Tete (69p Lidl). I used squares of vintage green gingham and twine to frou the plastic pots.

It’s not quite time for the Easter bunnies, but Real Live Rocking Dog and his friend Zac enjoyed donning some bunny ears in the hope of receiving a dog friendly Easter treat!

Food Parcel, Rocking Dog

Food Parcel

Gooey Easter Brownie, Rocking Dog

Gooey Easter Brownie

Yum!, Rocking Dog


My Boy Lollipop!, Rocking Dog

My Boy Lollipop!

Easter Wrap, Rocking Dog

Easter Wrap

Easter Florals, Rocking Dog

Easter Florals

Party Rings, Rocking Dog

Party Rings

Hundreds & Thousands, Rocking Dog

Hundreds & Thousands

Easter Bunnies!, Rocking Dog

Easter Bunnies!

An Archive Post By Default!

It's Hot Cross Bun Time!, Rocking Dog

It’s Hot Cross Bun Time!

On Saturday evening we headed out to the Souk Kitchen, Apsley Road. After parking the car I attempted to shut the car door. After three attempts I realised there could just perhaps be something preventing it closing properly. DOH! it was my camera. The irreparable damage to said camera has made me resort to archive pictures today.

So no pictures of all the delicious food we ate at The Souk i’m afraid. Lovely memories however of eating soft shell crab, flatbreads, taramasalata, Halloumi with mango, Merguez Sausage and houmous. Our party of four skipped main courses, but of course could not resist something sweet. Delicious.

Spring is still trying to desperately struggle through the cheek nipping cold. On Friday I went to blow away the cobwebs on The Downs with Real Live Rocking Dog. This green lung is Bristol’s answer to Central Park. Snow, sun and the wind buffeted me across the green frosty expanse. The views along the Avon Gorge were magnificent, and Brunel’s Clifton Suspension Bridge looked resplendent in the glinting sunshine. Large hawks soared above the gorge enjoying the warming thermals and I briskly moved on, trying to find my own warmth!

In the garden, snowdrops, hellebores and primroses are all peeping through. I am a warm weather gardener and I sadly haven’t yet been tempted to get out there digging.

The cold outside invites thoughts for warming food inside. With generous stashes of Hot Cross Buns in the shops what could be lovelier than a Bread & Butter Pudding using these seasonal buns (click on link for the Rocking Dog recipe). Of course out of season brioche slices or buns could be used, and at Christmas what could be more festive than using Panettone (perhaps with a dollop or two of mincemeat and candied peel).

Tomorrow I am on a mission to walk along part of the Frome Valley Walkway to find wild garlic. It is also known as Bear’s Garlic, Devils Garlic, Gypsy’s Onions, and Stinking Jenny (I wonder who poor Jenny was!) Oldest daughter is recipe testing for Abel & Cole and needs a supply of this pungent leaf. If my mission is successful a large bundle will be making its way by rail on Wednesday evening. The leaves of this seasonal crop are useful for making soups, pesto, and in tarts and casseroles. I can’t say i’m fond of eating it, but I adore seeing it’s pretty starry white flowers in its shaded woodland habitat.

I hope you are enjoying the first glimpses of spring whilst hopefully staying warm and cosy.

Hellebores, Rocking Dog


Primrose Place, Rocking Dog

Primrose Place

Snowdrops, Rocking Dog


Follow Me For..., Rocking Dog

Follow Me For…

 Wild Garlic, Rocking Dog

Wild Garlic

Cobweb Blowing, Rocking Dog

Cobweb Blowing

Hot Cross Bread & Butter Pudding

Recycling Hot Cross Buns!, Rocking Dog

Recycling Hot Cross Buns!

“Hot cross buns! Hot cross buns! one a penny, two a penny, Hot cross buns!” I had some hot cross buns that were not the soft moist buns they should have been. So… it was time to make some simple wintry comfort food. My trio of hot cross buns would once again taste wonderful!

For this Eastery version of Bread & Butter pud’ you will need the following:-

200ml milk (preferably whole milk)
150ml double cream
2 free range eggs
4 tbsp caster sugar
Butter for spreading
2 tbsp sultanas or other dried fruit
Vanilla pod (optional)
3 or 4 hot cross buns

Set oven to 180 degrees. Slice each bun horizontally into 3 and spread each piece with butter. Place bun slices (reserving the cross tops) into an ovenproof dish (hope you noticed my Egg shaped Nigella Lawson one!) and sprinkle with 1 tbsp sugar and the sultanas. Top with the reserved tops.

Break the eggs into a jug, whisk with a fork. Add milk and cream together with the seeds scraped from the vanilla pod and 2 tbsp sugar. Stir well.

Pour egg mix over the buns, they may float until they become saturated with the custard.

Pour some water into a baking tin and place the pudding dish in the tin. This is a Bain Marie and helps to stop the custard from overheating and separating. Cook for about 25 minutes until deliciously golden brown. Serves 4.

Variations- after spreading the buns with butter, spread with some marmalade for a lovely citrus flavour* Grate over a little nutmeg or mixed spice* Add in some chunks of dark chocolate in place of the sultanas* For a lower fat version, make the pudding with skimmed milk and a buttery low fat spread.

Admittedly this isn’t the healthiest of sweet treats, but with March looking springlike, but feeling rather raw, it gives your being a pleasing warm glow!

Carb Fest, Rocking Dog

Carb Fest

Uncrossed Buns, Rocking Dog

Uncrossed Buns