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A Field Full Of Flowers & Sunshine

Flowers In May,Rocking Dog

Flowers In May

Many of you will know about my love of the fields which lie behind the kennel. They were the perfect place to do an impromptu photo shoot with little Douglas. On the 10th May we ran out of the kennel whilst the sun was shining and the little babe contented. He was surrounded by sun kissed buttercups, clover, dandelion clocks, plantain and gently swaying grasses. How much more lovely to be photographed in this natural environment than a stark and expensive photographic studio! The weeks have since rolled on, the little chaps skin has plumply filled out, smiles have arrived, and newborn clothes have been neatly parcelled up. In time we will run through the grasses, hide, eat picnics, chat, sing, tell stories, do hand stands (!), dance, read, build snowmen, and play games in the field.

With the arrival of June the field shows off new swathes of flowers and grasses. The colourful honeyed smell of spring has given way to less showy moon daisies, wild sorrel, hawkweed, birds foot trefoil and a myriad of tall whispering grasses. Meadow Brown and Gatekeeper butterflies flutter in amongst the sun baked vegetation whilst bumble bees enjoy the sweet dying embers of the pink and white clovers. Large metallic lapiz blue dragonflies skim across the field on their way to the wetness of the Frome. Hedgerows burgeon with bramble blooms, sloes, wild briar rose and elderflower. It is simply too hot for the rabbits to graze, they will emerge from their damp clay burrows when twilight brings the coolness of the days end.

A pair of swallows have returned to the field, the late afternoons bring them joyfully and skilfully utilising their mesmerizing acrobatics. They swoop and dive over the high desiccating grasses, mere flashes of inky black forked tail and iconic aerodynamic wings. The buzzard, deer, wood pigeons and the rabbit loving fox who lives in the orchard put in appearances and makes every walk unique. The seasons leech into each other, days shorten and lengthen, rain, cold, wind, sun, grey, mud, frost, sun parched, the field perpetually changes.

Real Live Rocking Dog loves the field it means chasing his current deflated ball. We are lucky that the cows haven’t yet arrived. Until then it is Real Live Rocking Dogs field. It is a place for thinking, contemplating (despite the constant hum of the motorway), revelling in nature, enjoying the seasons and for planning the next photo shoot with the sooooo sweet wee nipper!

Do You Like Butter?,Rocking Dog

Do You Like Butter?

Flowers In June,Rocking Dog

Flowers In June

Nature Table,Rocking Dog

Nature Table

Brambles In Flower,Rocking Dog

Brambles In Flower

Ripening Sloes,Rocking Dog

Ripening Sloes

Where's My Ball?,Rocking Dog

Where’s My Ball?

Watery Walk,Rocking Dog

Watery Walk

Marshmallow Skies,Rocking Dog

Marshmallow Skies

May Blossom & Friends,Rocking Dog

May Blossom & Friends

Jollying The Rocking Dog Front Door

Rocking Dog Door Dec', Rocking Dog

Rocking Dog Door Dec’

Rocking Dog loves to jolly the front door of the kennel at this time of year. With autumn gradually leaking into the shortening days of summer I love to gather hedgerow fodder.

Walking everyday with Real Live Rocking Dog, my boot marches give me such a wonderful opportunity to appreciate the changing seasons. Even if there is torrential rain and the prospect of a doggy ramble is rather unpleasant, once out the rain feels good!

Yesterday was gloriously sunny and the hedgerows were scarlet with haws and ripening blackberries. I gathered together a few thorny branches, sprigs of acorn’d oak and some teasels. I would make a door decoration.

Back at the kennel I arranged the botanical booty. I am not one for symmetry so my door decoration has a little bit of a life of its own! I used twine to secure my bunch and added a tie of autumnal coloured braid. Tied to the old door handle I gave the decoration a final frou. It’s not my finest 10 minutes of flower arranging, but the berry’d bunch gives the house a lovely welcoming touch.

I hope whatever the weekend brings that it is a good one for you. Love to friends en route to Italy and Florida.. Bon Voyage and have wonderful memorable times with all those scrummy little ones!

Hedgerow Pickings, Rocking Dog

Hedgerow Pickings

Beautiful Brambles, Rocking Dog

Beautiful Brambles

From Little Acorns..., Rocking Dog

From Little Acorns…

Gathered, Rocking Dog


Bunched, Rocking Dog


Last Year's Door, Rocking Dog

Last Year’s Door