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Planet Wedding In Full Swing!

Blue Sky Ordered. If It Were Only That Simple!, Rocking Dog

Blue Sky Ordered. If It Were Only That Simple!

With THE wedding little more than a week away I have been trying hard to stay calm and to carry on! Yesterday was a day of organisation, and my brain thankfully now feels less cluttered. Beloved Bernina was still busy, making some party bags out of tea towels and a pretty tablecloth found in a bargain bin in Ikea. Now to fill the bags with edible and non edible treats.

The coat is finished and for my first attempt at dressmaking since the 1980’s, i’m quite pleased with myself. Thankfully I managed to stop myself from using 1980’s style shoulder pads. I’m sure suave Patrick from The Great British Sewing Bee may have a few things to say about my garment … but heh ho!

Beloved Bernina has a childrens’ tent to customise today and then she will be put away until the matrimonial frivolities are over. Spoons and whisks will be the tool of choice when the new week begins. 120 free range eggs have arrived from a farm in Long Ashton and they will be joined by copious quantities of butter, cream and chocolate. So much devilish naughtiness.

Olive oil from olives we picked in November has been bottled, and pickles labelled. Dry cleaning has been collected and lanterns await removals.

Lists cover my desk, shopping lists, schedules, staffing, to do, to buy etc… etc.. I so love being able to tick something off. Must be the school teacher in me that likes red pens and ticks!

The weekend beckons, and I hope you have a lovely relaxing time. Myself, I think I may be rather busy. I need to get in touch with Lionel to make sure he’s still ok to do a Gary Barlow style pop up. Here’s hoping. If it clinches it for you Lionel, we do have a mirror ball and smoke machine!

Love to all, and special thoughts for special friends for very special reasons. You are all TRULY AMAZING. x

Removals Required, Rocking Dog

Removals Required

Coat Complete, Rocking Dog

Coat Complete

Pretty Confetti, Rocking Dog

Pretty Confetti

Ready For Action, Rocking Dog

Ready For Action

120 Free Range!, Rocking Dog

120 Free Range!

Hardware Assembled, Rocking Dog

Hardware Assembled

Olive Oil Bottled, Rocking Dog

Olive Oil Bottled

Cherries On The Menu, Rocking Dog

Cherries On The Menu

Tea Towel Party Bags, Rocking Dog

Tea Towel Party Bags

Planet Wedding-Rocking Dog Gets Pickling!

Rocking Dog Giardiniere Pickles, Rocking Dog

Rocking Dog Giardiniere Pickles

Rocking Dog has been busy getting pickling! With a certain wedding only seven weekends away preparations are clocking up for the couple and the two families.

Giardiniere Pickles, also known as Italian Garden Pickles are now snugly packed into jars ready to be served with salami’s and other antipasti goodies.

Delia’s recipe which appears in her Delia’s How To Cook (Book 3) provided the blueprint for this latest batch of Rocking Dog pickling. This particular recipe involves chopping a variety of vegetables and layering them with salt and water. The vegetables are then left overnight before being drained and rinsed. They are then spread out to dry for a few hours ( how I appreciated my large workbench!). Popped back into a large bowl the vegetables are tossed in some olive oil. Garlic cloves and cherry tomatoes are added in to the mix, together with some black peppercorns. Jars are sterilised in a warm oven and left to cool for a moment or two. Finally the vegetables are packed into the jars along with fresh herbs. I used Bay leaves and Rosemary from the Rocking Dog garden, together with some Lemon Thyme. White wine vinegar is then poured in over the tightly packed vegetables. Lids closed, the pickles need to be stored in a cool dark place to mellow for at least a month before eating.

A less attractive pickling proposition now awaits my attention. 2kg of shallots sit on the kitchen table awaiting peeling. They will be pickled in spiced balsamic vinegar to be eaten with cheese. I’m hoping I can recruit Andyman for peeling duties, and then we can cry on the task together!

Pickling and Jam making are excellent ways of using gluts of fruits and vegetables. Andyman is particularly partial to Dee’s lemon marmalade especially when made with lemons from Capri. Yes I really have got to step up to the plate with my lemon marmalade making and flat sock folding (don’t ask!!)

Umbrian Vegetables, Rocking Dog

Umbrian Vegetables

Use Me!, Rocking Dog

Use Me!

Delia You're Fab'!, Rocking Dog

Delia You’re Fab’!

Vegetable Prep', Rocking Dog

Vegetable Prep’

Herbs & Spices, Rocking Dog

Herbs & Spices

Salami Loves Pickles!, Rocking Dog

Salami Loves Pickles!