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I’m All Mixed Up With Planter’s Punch!

Fruit For The Slaughter!, Rocking Dog

Fruit For The Slaughter!

My oldest girl asked me about a recipe yesterday- a Fruit Salad in a Planter’s Punch. It got me a thinking about this old family favourite… so I looked in the fridge and I foraged in the garden to rustle together fruit components.

I loosely based my boozy fruit salad on Delia’s Tropical Fruit Salad in Planter’s Punch. Delia’s recipe starts with making a sugar syrup flavoured with cinnamon sticks and lime zest. Leaving the syrup to cool and infuse, the fruit can be prepared. Fruit which is particularly lovely for this lots of your 5 a day dessert include mango, lychees, pineapple, and passion fruit. Alas in my fridge I only had the pineapple, and a rather battered one at that! My fridge fruit were combined with white currants and raspberries from my unkempt veg patch.

With fruit washed and cut neatly, it was back to the cooled syrup. I added in lime juice, some tropical fruit juice and Pimms. My version of Planter’s Punch was born! It is not known where Planter’s Punch originally originated but a recipe first appeared in print in the August 8th 1908 edition of The New York Times. Planter’s Punch typically includes, a sugar syrup, Grenadine, rum, fruit juices and bitters. Many believe that this rum based drink first came from Jamaica. Romantically, it is said that a Jamaican planter’s wife concocted the drink to cool down workers. Other reports are that the punch originated from hotels in Charleston and Saint Louis. When I started styling my photo’s I came over sort of Hawaiian. What a Mix Up!

After combining the fruit with the syrup put the fruit into a pretty serving bowl or individual dishes. Sprinkle over a little freshly grated nutmeg and some fresh mint leaves. For a dramatic centrepiece top the fruit filled serving bowl with the spiky pineapple top, that’s unless it’s a battered example like mine!

Buy British!, Rocking Dog

Buy British!

Lime Zest Syrup, Rocking Dog

Lime Zest Syrup

Prepared Fruit, Rocking Dog

Prepared Fruit

Pretty Fruit, Rocking Dog

Pretty Fruit

Liquid Components, Rocking Dog

Liquid Components

Fruit Finale!, Rocking Dog

Fruit Finale!